I was a Direct Sales Installer in Beaverton, Oregon. Complained to Curt Henninger about corruption in my department involving my co-worker, Chris McQuery, our lead, Alan Jost, our supervisor, Don Willis, Don's supervisor, Tim Ream, and Tim's supervisor, Mike Williams. When I told Curt about how nobody "knocked doors," inspite of the job description of door to door salesperson. Success was determined only by who had what territory. I had finally built up a territory of mine to a successful level only to have it taken away and "given," to Chris McQuery. Top salesman Paul Shapland made over $150k in 2007 ONLY because he had the gravy territory. I was told by Curt in an email that I still have, that they would be working "behind the scenes," to make things better for me and my department.

Three months later they had fired Alan Jost, fired Don Willis, sent Tim Ream to an early retirement, and announced the "new territory structure and assignments." Mike Williams came in and explained how the territorries would now be defined by "node," rather than zipcode, and who got which territory would be determined by the "sales ranking numbers for the previous year!" Which was what I was complaining about in the first place. He left our office immediately as he knew I was not happy with my next to last pick due to my poor performance for the year, determined by sales numbers that were rigged by the people I had complained about. As a result, the top "performers," chose first, and obviously chose their previous territories! When I got to chose, the only things left were the territories that had never produced for anyone ever.

Five minutes after the meeting, Tim Ream's replacement, Shane Hyland, marched me into HR and wrote me up for poor sales performance. I had 30 days to meet the minimum sales requirements or would risk termination. I went immediately to Curt Henninger again and explained what had happened. His demeanor had changed significantly, and I suspected he had know about all of this for quite some time. I knew at that meeting that Curt had sold me out to protect his own butt. Our system, had been the #1 producing sales system in the country and had done so by not sharing how this was done with the corporate office. They were constantly telling us to lie about how we made sales. Corporate offices thought we were just the "best," door to door sales people. The truth was that door to door sales didn't work as I had personally knocked 1000's trying to replicate the success of the top producers. The dirty little secret was that our office was making 95% of it's sales through "referrals," from apartment managers. They would receive a $7.50 credit on their own personal cable bill for each referral.

The upscale huge complexes' rep's phone would ring constantly to hook up new well to do tenants with HDTV, DVR, expensive Platinum Packages, Digital Phone and High Speed Internet services. Commissions were huge and came effortlessly. At the peak of my success with my "good but not great," 97007 zipcode, I had one check for a two week period that exceeded $4400.00, after my maximum deductions, 401K contribution, Health Insurance deduction, etc. That territory was taken from me in 2005 and given to Chris McQuery.

I thought I had covered my butt by documenting everything, communicating mostly be email so I would have a record of the responses. My complaints to the HR department fell on suspiciously deaf ears. I eventually emailed Brian Roberts CEO who to his credit, put me in touch with the top HR department. I told my story over the phone and by email to Dena Williams, who said she'd call me back but did not. I called her back weeks later only to be told that her records showed that my sales production numbers did not reflect what I was telling her. I was not surprised as the sales production numbers were provided to her by the very people I was complaining about. HR never interviewed the two coworkers who would corroborate my story as they had suffered the same fates. They had been afraid to join me for fear of losing their jobs.

Eventually they fired me for poor sales performance after exiling me to worst performing sales territory, a common ploy to justify firing of anyone who rocked the boat.

A month or so after being fired, I received a letter from a Gina someone in HR at the corporate offices. I had sent her physical copies of all my email correspondence documenting my situation. Her last words in her letter were, "Thank you for using the open door policy."

Their "open door," policy leads right OUT the nearest door, permanently...

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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boy could I tell you stories about NJ , same stuff


Comcast open door policy is a joke and comcast listens is even a bigger joke . They don't care about the employees


I'm actually on admin leave currently and they don't even have the story of why yet., and I'm the highest performer in the country.. Still waiting after 2 weeks


I have had a similar experience with the company recently. I reported violations of misconduct, threats, and labor law violations.

I do respect the company so I hoped it could have been resolved internally. The local HR staff all 3 of them did not address the issue. In fact they seemed to have zero understanding of company policy and labor law. To put it behind me I asked to transfer to an opening within the building for the same position under a new supervisor.

They said no to keep the pressure on. Because I openly went to HR anytime someone files with Comcast Listens or Credo they focus on me. And this is in a building that has 150% turnover rate with Credo results for 3 years averaging 60% in the negative per question. Comcast does not take their company policy seriously or EEOC and labor law regulations seriously.

I have used Ethic Points/Comcast Listens.com. It does work much better because it does provide a layer of insulation which goes to corporate. It has change many of the minor issues but they refuse to address the fundamental issues that continue to cause the problems which is management. Although noted above the management eyeballs and try's to entice me into admitting it after I file.

Simply put the company does not hold managers responsible.

And the company has no standards to what qualifications an applicant should have to become a manager. It is an aristocracy to hire family and fiends.


Sounds to me like someone who was lazy and didn't do his job!


Sounds like you might be one of the arrogant supervisor types who believe your "job," is whatever I tell you to do, regardless of whether or not I'm being honest with you, taking advantage of you, stealing money from the company etc. Or was there something I missed?


Exactly right direct sales is all fraud!!!!!!

USE COMCAST LISTENS ethnics points site to report without your name it works you can be anyone and use it to complain its an open web page.

Wanna see someone evil there fly out the door file reports!!!! These reports go to Philly via private company.

Got director fired with this! As long is you are reporting things they can research your reports will not go lightly in corporates eyes!


This is also true with Verizon. There is no ethics and no justice in the Verizon corporation. Keep your mouth shut if not they will focus hard on forcing you out the door.


Yes, these comments are so true. I have never known, nor heard of, a company that employs the techniques used by Comcast.

And, when you try to explain to others about what has occurred in the corporation, you sound paranoid! But, it is true - there is no ethics and no justice in the Comcast corporation.

There is absolutely no recourse if you have been wronged within the company... the buck stops nowhere.


Comcast employees: Beware, no one cares about your concerns or issues with misconduct or corruption. DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!

Do not even talk it over with someone you think will listen in the company.


There are other companies that hold the code of ethics with higher regard and should never feel threatened in the workplace. FILE A EEOC and don't tell anyone or talk to anyone about it.


True! Comcast is a horrible company to work for.

I was so retaliated against and discriminated against,having great direct sales and customer service skills and working overtime and simply asking to be treated with at least some level of decency and fairness.

Apparently they just wanted to make sure a handful of people made the money and the rest they only wanted for cameo appearances(revolving door)and to work in the trenches. What a low life scheme


I had the same thing happen, to use the open door policy for discrimination and code of ethics violations. It became a retaliation situation for me too.

It turned into harassment and abuse, I had documented every little detail. I filed a EEOC and now it is being reviewed. I am not understanding why company's want you to disclose corruption, and yet don't protect you. I asked to be transferred, and their remark was, "It wouldn't be fair to move a person into a job without going through a process of hiring." In stead, they rather break other laws, and be testing for more corruption down the road.

I am sorry, but it sounds like the wrong people are neglecting making important decisions on how to handle this better. I had my car tire slashed, and took no responsibility or action to determine what happened.

Profound! These type of situations turn into a catastrophic event waiting to happen.


SO TRUE.....



Legally they accknowledged that you used the open door. Your job was protected until they finished investigation. Check page 35 in the emplyee hadbood for 2009.


He is correct about the open door policy, never experienced it but heard several stories. I have issues but I would rather keep it to myself until I find something new.


Comcast in Houston Texas has all of the descriptions above. HR does not listen and entire sales manager team are incompetent.