Silver Spring, Maryland
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Comcast complaints can be made by calling this number. 1-800-593-9692.

This is a number that is sacred to comcast employees, and comcast employees will not give it to you willingly It reached my hands "in error" if I should say. It is funny how you can easily google 1-800-COMCAST, and get over 300,000 search results, and... God forbid you try to google 1-800-593-9692. No search results, plus this number is not listed anywhere on Comcast's website!!

There! You have it. Call over 100 times if you have to. I had to make over 10 phonecalls to have my service restored.

It took 8 days for them to come.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I was talked into purchasing a phone line in addition to my business internet in order to save money on the installation and monthly rate. I called to cancel the service but they would not do so because I did not have the security pin.

I had to request a new pin only available via mail. By the time I received it, the 30 day cancellation period ended. I am now told that I would owe nearly $700 in order to cancel the phone line.

They refuse to discuss the matter beyond telling me that the 30 days has passed. The sales rep was Kahlil El

Phone: 610.234.3786


They are criminals. Awful. Burn in ***..


this is a shame when you call and your transferred several times and it just hangs up on you, its also a shame that Comcast has the worst answering system. I have spent several hours and had them tell me that it want happen again.

Cannot seem to get bill charged out like it is suppose to be.

Always over charging and they want pay you back there figure out a way to rebill and up charge for something else. Worst cable company in the world.


The comcast experience should be shared with newly weds... Take notes, be specific, every detail.

You will benefit from

this happening, this chapter in your life, you will be an educated consumer after this test. Thank you, guido.


I tried to reach that number however, I received an error message stating this number can not be reached from my calling area


:? comcast sucks to the highest of sucktivity went out in the middle of superbowl called in service out for three days bill constantly goes up every month,jackson ms will be leaving comcast goes out whenever it rains


Ok' so I decide to change from comcast to Att. I return my equipment (takes one and a half hours to do) and am advised not to pay bill until final bill comes in a couple of weeks.

New bill comes. Doubles old bill. I call and rep apologizes and says that they will make proper adjustment. I question late charge, asking how I can be dunned when I didn't get a bill.

They agree to remove late charge. Two weeks later new bill comes, no late charge but fifty buck charge for not returned equipment. I explain that I did return the equipment and that I have receipt for same. They apologize tell me it will be fixed in two days or less.

I offer to fax receipt, they tell me no need. Week later, new bill comes, still has charge for not returned equipment, I call and they tell me to fax copy of receipt. This bill threatens to refer me to collection agency. I speak with rep and rep tells me that if receipt is forwarded to them that there will be no referral to agency.

Today bill comes from collection agency - weirdly enough or correct amount. I call comcast, they tell me that I own twice as much as I actually do through automatic menu, when i speak with agent he tells me I owe a hundred bucks more than I owe.

Agent tells me to fax receipt. These people SUCK


June 28, Getting 28 t0 50 KBs upload now for a month.

Thedownload is so slow Face book doesn't even work.

I called 5 days ago and the said it would be resolved.

XFinity My Butt. More like X-Wife..

Well there ya go... Comcast Crooks..


My mother visited Comcast located inside the Brandsmart store at 7260 North Kendall Dr. in Miami Fl.

to inquire about your services and possibly switching from AT&T U-verse to Comcast and one of your employees, who identified himself as George Alvarez, was extremely bad mannered to her after she did not accept the recommendation of the services he suggested.

She just wanted to consult with her family before making a decision to switch her services. She is a senior citizen and I personally find that his actions are not only unprofessional but disrespectful and gives a dreadful reputation to your company to a potential customer who was merely inquiring about your services.


Had an appointment today at 2 all I got was a dumb machine call did not give it any attention because that machine called up the previous day telling me that "IF YOU WERE NOT TO CANCEL THIS SERVICE, YOU SHOULD NOT DO ANYTHING AT THIS TIME." Called them up and they said I cancelled the appointment by not calling back. Huh?!?

that's the dumbest thing a CABLE company can do; rely on a MACHINE to tell you if the customer is still willing to get cable service from you. On top of that, those call center people can't even get a hold of the technicians out in the field.


What should I do about this? I was being stalked by some online predator and he called Comcast and told them he was my husband and he wanted to pay the bill but he forgot my user name and password.

The customer service rep reset my password and gave him my user name.

My account had my name on it only and no one else was authorized. This person called everyone in my contacts, has my ssn now, and I just can't believe they did that!What should I do?


To be blunt, *** and your retention department number. They did nothing for me.

Comcast Business botched an install by not showing up at the appointed time.

I wasted 5 hours on a Friday waiting for the installer no one showed. I had to put all my outside business on hold and rearrange my schedule. I callled to complain and I didn't even get an apology. Whats so upsetting is that I can only get Comcast in my area which makes it a monopoly. I guess when you have a territory that no one services and customers don't have a choice, Comcast feels they can *** on customers because there is no where else to go.

Whats even more upsetting is that I was switching my residential to business and all they had to do is swap a box out. 30 minutes.


If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%


I have a 52kld sony , I start seen the channels with line and black spots I call Comcast to change my dvr box they did the Tv get worse. I call a TV technitian and said the panel was damaged.

I changed the TV from my bedroom Tv and after two hours the TV start doing the same as the other. Comcast said they never hear about this before.I have the 2 TV connected and they look like twins.

I, am waiting for the supervior. Did any one had this problem before


Comcast sucks!!! they wasted my day by making an appointment that they werent going to make .Theyt lied on they phone about showing upand when i asked them to cancel their services they hang up no me!!!!!!i couldnt be more pissed off :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :sigh 100$ a month is not nothing it a lot in my books. Their customer guarantee is a blow!it does not exist.!!!!


If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%


Ever since Comcast installed the new DVR firmware (guide) here in Albuquerque it has been nothing but problems. The peice of %#*& randomly truncated programs being recorded.

The most frustrating part is that nobody at Comcast seems interested in solving the problem. Sure I get a lot of "we're sorry" but no concrete indication that action is being taken. There is no list of bugs, no indication of progress in trying to implement solutions.

It is a good thing (for Comcast) that they are considered a utility and have no competition for their cable tv service. For if there were competition, they would have long since been out of business.


Here's one for you, I pay my bill through bill pay as I have for years soon as I get it. My bank sends the payment and the next bill stated I didn't pay the last one! Now my bank and commicast is arguing back and forth and I'm out 180 bucks!


Let me preface this problem by stating that my payments have always been on time, in full, and any visits to the customer branch have been polite exchanges. I have utilized the online chat, 800 number and person-to person service.

It was not until recently that my temper and blood pressure have been pushed to the limit... We have been experiencing outages on one TV, directly attributable to a bad cable box. I was instructed to bring it in (over Christmas) and exchange it for a new one, which I did. Withing 6 weeks, we had cable tv freezing up, losing recorded shows, flipping off in the middle of programming...

We called them again, they ran their diagnostics, and they came out to switch out the cable box. They put the box in and turned everything on and it had a defect, so they plugged in another. Two weeks later, this box is defective also, exhibiting the same issues. What we have noticed is that the Comcast is refurbishing old equipment so you never really know if you're really getting a good piece of equipment or not.

We called the 800 number to get this looked at and they wanted to charge us $26.95 for the visit or $2.99 for the consumer protection plan. I was irate... This is their defective equipment and they want to charge ME? Needless to say, I had a few choice words for the CSR I got on the phone.

I realized he was not the problem, but when I asked for a supervisor to discuss the problem, not him, I was given a runaround. Is that any way to handle a customer? I was given an assurance that the supervisor would call the next day... Never happened.

They scheduled me for service, right smack in the middle of Saturday afternoon -- like I'm going to wait to have another POC (piece of ***) box put in while paying for the service! And on my day off, in the middle of a gorgeous sunny day? I'm livid! Do they even own any NEW equipment anymore?

I looked at DISH TV and the cost is half of what I'm paying now with COMCAST.

And to csr... I understand your frustration with customers who call in and don't "get" that which you complained about, but I do. I am a good and loyal customer who's just about had enough. I too used to work an 800 line and took the same *** you get every 11 minutes.

It takes a special person to do that every day and not take it personally. Hopefully COMCAST is treating you better than they are their customers!


:( Let's see, where do I begin. Comcast, the worst provide of tv, data, and phone service.

They have more outages than the law allows but expects a bill payment ONTIME, every month. Maybe we should start charging comcast for not providing decent service. Customer service is another story. If I get a rep that reads a script one more time, I will scream.

They are so busy trying to upgrade service, too busy handling the reason for your call. Why would I upgrade if you can't handle what I already have. Hmmm CSR , why don't you use your real identity. Bye Bye Comcast.

gettng service that is more realible. You all blame your poor service on outages that don't even exist and more than the law allows.