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I had the worst Customer Service experience of my life on Saturday. I can't believe how unconcerned Comcast is with righting their failures. I have never had good working service since I was installed with my X1 box. If I knew the X1 box was so fickle I would have never switched from my old DVR box.

I have had 3 techs come out to my home including my install and spent countless hours on the phone. My last experience just takes the cake though. Saturday, I was scheduled for a 10 am to 12 pm appnt. Comcast gave me three pre-calls in 5 minutes prior to my appnt. I missed the calls but called right back within a minute of my pre-calls and waited 20 mins to speak to a rep. I confirmed I was home and right after received another automated pre-call right after I spoke to the rep and again confirmed my appnt.

By 12:30 I called back asking where my tech was. I spoke to a rep who told me the tech missed my appnt and I would now have to wait from 1-4pm. I asked her why I had to wait almost 5 more hrs for an appnt and why she couldn't just call the tech and see why he missed the appnt and if he can come to my house after his next job. The woman told me that Comcast could not speak to people in their own company to see where their techs are.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisr got on the phone and was also no help. However, he guaranteed me that a tech would be out between 1-4 and my service would wrk. Well...... Around 5:00 I called back and was told not only did I not have an appnt scheduled that it was my fault because I missed my appnt. Supposedly, they said the tech came out and I wasn't home at 12:-3 PM. Mind you, the previous rep and supervisor didn't tell me this information. The tech said I had a brown door. I have a grey and a green door. Not sure where the tech was but he was obviously not at my home.

I tried to explain this to the supervisor and he went on to tell me in an indignant voice who noted my account as if to say that person doesn't lie and I was lying. Then, the supervisor told me my appnt was just a ticket where someone would call me and reschedule my appnt. Then he said someone called me at 12:03 pm and left me a message. I didn't get a call at 12:03 pm from anyone nor did I miss any calls.

So to make a long story even longer, I spoke to 4 people who all lied to me! And all of them tried to make it seem like I did something wrong. I asked the supervisor for another missed appnt credit for wasting 4 more hrs of my day waiting for a tech. He said technically, this was a go back so I can't get a credit. I said first of all, this isn't a go back because no one went the first time. and secondly, I was guaranteed an appnt and that's the only reason I sat at my house waiting for 4 hrs. The supervisor did absolutely nothing for me. So, I am going to go another work with poor internet, cable and phone. btw, my Comcast phone cut off while I was talking to him. The supervisor did thankfully call me back. Also, it took my almost 30 mins to load this page because my internet is almost unusable!

So frustrated!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Beaverton, Oregon, United States #750672

That is Comcast. Absolute no regard for you as a person or your hard earned dollars.

Try writing a complaint to their e-care site and it's useless.

I say drop them! I will next week as soon as my semester is over and find a better provider. Services for me is not only about what channels I get but how quickly issues are resolved and what kind of service I receive should I call customer service. None of this rings a bell to comcast.

It's your money that keeps comcast alive. Drop them!

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