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Comcast in Trevose, Pennsylvania - What a horrible company on every level

Installer told me the cable modem did DHCP, which it didn't, so I hooked up a switch but only the "host" pc worked. After several frustrating calls to support trying to figure out why only one PC would work, I eventually figured it out myself and had to buy a router. Worst part was the hold times for each call were 10-15 minutes, and when I did finally get someone, they had zero comprehension of anything technical or the English language. I get my first bill (triple play), for $254 !!! WTF? They told me it would be $109! Fees, extra charges, and ONE TIME CHARGES that nobody could explain. The bill was consistently $173 every month thereafter. I finally call them and told them I can't afford 173 a month and wanted to take my package to a double play package, no more phone. At first they tried to convince me that it would only take $5 a month off my bill, I refused to believe that. I told them I wanted to start from scratch.. what does it cost for BASIC cable and high speed internet? They said $99... really? That's the price of T-play.. wtf? I told them to just do it because it's better than $173. Next thing I know the internet is so slow that I can't even check my email.. pressing the reload key ends up with 4 out of 5 attempts timing out. I call them back, hey my internet is barely working.. pages won't load. Playing an online game is impossible. They say, well you asked for "economy internet".. I said NO I did not, I asked for basic channel lineup. I was around when 24k modems were the new thing.. They loaded pages faster and more reliably. So they finally fixed that..but made me wait until monday.. said nobody there over the weekend could do it.. again WTF? So I get my new bill.. another $120 One time fee that nobody TOLD ME about. seriously? I'm broke and need to downgrade, so you are going to charge me for it?? Oh, and My bill... still in the $130 range, but I'm having a hard time decoding all the partial month credits from the downgrade and then partial month charges.. Obamacare is easier to understand, seriously. Comcast, you suck. In every way. I hope congress someday splits your company into 500 different competing companies that have to deliver affordable and better service in order to survive. I hope your stock holders all go broke. You are sucking the life out of people.
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