I contacted comcast to ask for a 4 day extention on paying my bill. I advised the representative that I would provide my credit card number to ensure that they received the payment . The representative that I spoke with could barely speak english.

So I asked for his manager I was on hold for more than 10 minutes and when the new person got on the phone he advised me that he couldn't help me because he stated that in 2011 the company passed a new policy that there would be no payment arrangements given. At some point in all of our lives we fall short of funds.

Why risk losing a customer of many years over a 4 day window? Can someone please explain to me what is more important keeping loyal customers that they have had for years or loosing one over $200

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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That's ***. They keep making my bill due on the 13th and I don't get paid until the 15th.

Every month I talk online with a rep and get an extension to pay on the 15th.

Keep calling and remind them that you are a long time valued customer and will make sure it's paid on the date you request. Someone is bound to help you somewhere.


Comcast Business Class does not do payment arrangements, except in MI. And is not an actual person that disconnects your service is a computer based system that does it and if it sees your overdue it does it automatically no one has control over it. And it only does it after your either 60 days past due or 90 days.