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Comcast has the worse customer service ever in the history of companies. I am convinced of that and have been for some time.

Comcast has tried and is continuing to try billing me a late fee and a fee to turn service back on stemming from a billing error they made. Why should comcast feel they are allowed to do this? Why hasn't the government regulated "fees" in this industry. Until Comcast recognizes they were wrong and all fees are as a result of that wrong I will not pay the fees and I urge all of you to stand up to them and pay only what you are rightfully supposed to pay.

Write your representatives, call them if you have to. Send a message to Comcast and to companies like them that we are done giving out money away!

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I had a late fee and reconnect fee Then I am also charged a Tax on these Fees..wth ?


What I really love is that this company (which is now Time Warner) prebills you for a service you have not received (which means you prepay for their service) then charges you a late fee when you dont prepay them. This should be illegal.


You nailed it, tlludwig! How can they pre-bill you for their service and then say you're "late" in paying when you haven't even reached the end of the service period???

Then if you complain, they have the chutzpah to say "all businesses charge late fees". Listen you thieves - most businesses invoice you AFTER delivering a product or service, not BEFORE.

Then they rub salt in your wound by making the late fee $7.95 a month! On a $100 monthly cable bill, that's equivalent to a 152% annual interest charge! Even back when AT&T was a monopoly, they were not allowed to charge more than 1.25% a month in late interest. These SOBs need to be slapped down. I can't wait until internet TV makes it easy for all of us to "cut the cord".


I am a relatively new customer to Comcast in as far as paying my own bills. I paid them for a few yrs when I lived with someone and the bill rose from $49 to $70 dollars. We added no new services at all, not one. Not even movies. In fact Comcast took away channels and placed them in a pay tier, so we lost channels; yet our bill rose.

My question now is: Can anyone explain to me, I-NET Fee and PEG Fee?

Does it occur to anyone that Comcast is still trying to buy Disney with all these fees they get the government to gouge us with.