Michael: Hello FRANCIS, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Michael. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Michael: Let me extend a warm smile to make your day even brighter! I look forward to helping you today. How's your day so far?

FRANCIS: Great This is Virginia I am listed on the account

Michael: I understand, Virginia. Let me check that here for you.

Michael: I see that you selected a phone service, right?

FRANCIS: correct

Michael: bafd3e76-9cec-476e-9075-e83f5f35bac9

Michael: That's a great value! It shouldn't take very long to process this order for you. I'll be asking you just a few questions to make sure you get the best deal.

Michael: After I complete your order, we will go over all of the charges and the installation process to make sure you don't have any questions.Sound good?


Michael: Let me pull up the account.

Michael: May I place this chat on hold for 2 -3 minutes?

FRANCIS: 9413ok

Michael: Thanks.

Michael: One moment.

Michael: Thanks for waiting, Virginia.


Michael: May I ask for your complete name?

FRANCIS: Virginia Kehoe

Michael: And the last four digits of your SSN?


Michael: Thanks for verifying the account.

Michael: I see here, that you wanted to add a phone service to the current deal that you have right?


Michael: Well, we cannot just add the Deal that you have chosen online, yet what we need to is to check for a bundle that will comprise all the service. Shall we proceed?

FRANCIS: Explain why can't you add it

Michael: The main reason as to why is because, there is a current deal already which is a double play bundle (Digital Starter for the cable service and Performance Internet).

FRANCIS: How does that pan out after the 6 months? I want to add the phone service to save money on my phone service not so that I can get more channels

Michael: The plan is already on the normal price and we will not be able to add that as outside that bundle. The price of your plan is currently at $147.79.

FRANCIS: What will be the normal cost for what you are suggesting

Michael: Let me check that here, Virginia. One moment.

Michael: Thanks for waiting.


Michael: I have it check here that the bill will be $169.42. If we add the phone service.

FRANCIS: OK then lets go for it

Michael: This not included the service protection plan cost $3.95.

Michael: That is a great choice!


Michael: All right! lets have it process then.

FRANCIS: yepper

Michael: Fantastic! By the way, do you have an alarm system? if you do, may I know who is the provider?

FRANCIS: No no need no worries

Michael: Nice! however, I do not want you to miss an opportunity to monitor your house 24/7 using your mobile. Isn't that amazing?

FRANCIS: no thanks

Michael: I see, when I have here the total price for you monthly bill , it cost $185.31. Shall we proceed with this?

FRANCIS: I thought you just said I have it check here that the bill will be $169.42. If we add the phone service.

Michael: Yes, I failed to include the current Cable service and some of the outlets that you have and the Service protection plan that is why it changes with the price.

Michael: My Humblest apology with that.

FRANCIS: 147.79 to185.31 is more than 19>00 a month for the phone service

FRANCIS: That is $37.52 for the phone addition

Michael: Let me see what I can do here for you, Virginia.

Michael: May I place this chat on hold for 2 -3 minutes?


Michael: Thank you.

Michael: Thanks for waiting.

Michael: I have found a different deal, it will be cost $181.33. Will this work?

FRANCIS: So than the phone service is neither 19.00 a month nor 24.00 as your two offers showed

Michael: Yes, the offer you saw for the phone service online is for the a phone service solely. However, it will not be able to be added as the current plan is a bundled deal. The reason we need to repackage the service for you.

FRANCIS: If that is the case then there is no real savings for making the change

Michael: Let me check here another if it will be lower.

Michael: May I place this chat on hold for 2 -3 minutes?


Michael: Thank you.

Michael: Thanks for waiting, Virginia.

Michael: I searched for a different deal, however, it is not applicable as well with the plan that you have. The best deal will be $181.33. Shall we proceed with this?

Michael: You have opened a window for Comcast Support and I don't want to miss an opportunity to support you. Are we still connected?

FRANCIS: Well I absolutely hate the cost of starting this all over again another day. But since this is for mom I will check with my family and if they want that is what I will do. But as for me I am more than disappointed with Comcast. To have to spend this much time only to find out that it was a complete waste of my time is more than most annoying. Please let your bosses know my fealings.

Michael: I understand where you coming from, I am also a customer before I became a representative. Here is what I can do to help you, if you want you can call our hotline partner at (877)-424-****, so they can check if they can have it for you as an added service. Will that work?

FRANCIS: You know last week I spend twice as much time to do this same thing for my own phone service. Honestly If I know what was all going to entail I wouldn't have ever started it. So the thought if not having to spend How Long? on the phone. I don't think so.

FRANCIS: Good night

Michael: Let me check still if I can have it added here.

Michael: It is okay for you to wait for 2 -3 minutes?

FRANCIS: thats all the time I have left for this

Michael: I feel you really, Virginia. That is why, I wanted to sort everything that I can do to help you. Let me check again.

Michael: Thanks for waiting.

FRANCIS: And waiting and waiting

Michael: Good news!

Michael: I can have it added for the $19.99 for the first 6 months.

FRANCIS: and then how much?

Michael: However, there will be an installation fee a time fee of $34.99.

FRANCIS: That was my first question what is the monthly cost going to be after the 6 months is over. That was my first question

Michael: It will become $167.78 for the service monthly fee.

Michael: Sure.

Michael: It will roll to $182.78/month after 6 months.

FRANCIS: Good by.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

Location: Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

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That was worth reading, lol. They'll do anything to make you pay a very high price.

I love it when then he includes it'll be less for 6 months, but the installation will make up for that.


Ignorant! They don't listen to what you really call for.

This is what happens each and every call to them. Put the call centers back in the United States where they belong.


It's funny how they try to *** until they know for a fact you're gone, and THEN they try to give you a deal that would be too little too late if they planned on actually giving it to you, but you're too smart not to know they're promising what they never plan to give you, and they won't notate it, and the phone call will mysteriously disappear from the record so, unless you're recording from your end, and you have a lawyer retained, there's not *** you can do about it.


You're not The Ceej.


You're not so bright yourself. I doubt that was really his SSN.


You're a complete *** for posting the last four digits of your SSN.