Hickory, North Carolina

The online bill payment does not correctly charge what is owed for the month. When you pay this amount, comcast will charge you a late fee for not submitting the correct payment.

According to the worthless customer service rep, we should be tracking our own movie rentals and adding those fees to the bill if we want it to be correct. This is a BILLION dollar company that can't update their online bill service to be reflective of what you actually owe?! How is it that I can receive a paper bill which lists one cost ($261), an online bill that lists another cost ($247), and phone service which lists another cost ($290) all for the same exact service?

This is stealing from the customer!

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Comcast shuts your service down, then block your online account so that you can't make a payment free of charge..Your only options to make a payment require a fee..Don't think this is legal. Suddenly when I have made a payment my username & password are now valid & I can access my account. Talk about double dipping.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay.

Call Retention Department to get discounts. :cry :(


I paid my bill online on the 17th and entered a wrong number from my bank card, they shut my cable down on the 29th, and i called them to hear my balance was $234.00.i spoke to a rep to turn it back on and paid the amount but now i owe $5.00 for speaking to a "REAL" person to turn it on, an activation fee of $10.00 and $30.00 for a late fee. they're excuse was i had insufficient funds, i spoke to a new rep and they said to bring in a bank statement stating proving i had sufficient funds, i did, they told me at the office they can only waive this 1 time, the next bill statement i receive shows no waived fee, i called them and they said they cant do anything about it, CRAPCAST!


I recently called comcast customer service billing and authorized 97 dollars to be debited from my bank account. They debited 970 dollars which they are now telling me it will take 7 to 10 days to refund me!

Unreal, tried to switch my service tonight but I am moving in 3 months and would have to pay an additional 220 just to install a phone jack and get the new service provider. Now I can't wait to move and to get ride of Comcast.

Ughhh!! What a rip off!


It's easy to say get another service but because of franchise agreements some people are stuck with comcast especially if you live in an apartment complex where dish is not an opiton. Now go ahead and tell me to move.


God, ordering services thru their website is a joke! I know what I want, why after a place my order, I have to chat with some so-called know it all *** thru instant messaging.

If I wanted to talk with a service rep., I would drive to the nearest Comcast Center.

Just get my order process, *** it! Comcast believe me, "You don't hire nor train the brightest lightbulbs!"


You get what you pay for! Don't like the service change your provider.