My issue with comcast, I added additional services that I scheduled to occur on 1/4/13, BTW 9-11, on this date comcast arrived at 12:00 (LATE) and proceeded to question me on what services I was adding to my service, after I informed comcast tech what services I was adding, he proceed to connect one of the services I requested; the Internet, after the install was done, my cable tv went off throughout my home while the technician was present and instead of the tech repairing the problem, he informed me to call the number being displayed on my TV screen and then this "WANTABE" tech ran out the back door of my home and left me without "CABLE SERVICE", now it has been 10 DAYS now, I have made over 12 calls and have even ask to speak to supervisor, but there are never any supervisor?? The associates will always say we will take your number and the supervisor will call you back, well you NEVER received a call, After numberous calls on 1/11/13, I receieved 1 call from someone stating she was a supervisor, she infomed me that this issue would be resolve on 1/11/13 and she would personally call me back???

Well that didn't happen, not that I was expecting it to. At 10:00 pm on 1/4/13, I finally spoke with some one at comcast that was competent enough to schedule me for an appointment on 1/11/13, between 9-11 am, unbelievable no one even show up for this appointment, so I called and was told that my appointment was canceled on 1/10/13, so I'm inquiring who canceled my appointment, I did not, and I'm a single person so the only people in my home is me????? Again I could not get a tech out even after I informed them that I didn't cancel this appointment, I pay my bill on time every month and under the 24 month agreement that signed, I demand fulfillment in honoring the 24 month agreement and I will not stop until I get the satisfaction I am due; along with the full service I agreed to and FULL CREDIT for 10 days so far without cable service that I am have agreed to in the 24 month agreement. I also drove to your office here in Memphis, TN and basically I was told there was nothing they could do and that I was scheduled appointment on 1/15/13, I didn't schedule this appointment, so who did??

Does Comcast know what my schedule and availability is?? No one at comcast called and informed me that they had scheduled me for service??? or inquire whether its a good day for me or not?? In viewing the forums on comcast website, I see plenty of complaints and no resolutions, which tell me how the corporate offices view these concerns from their customers, Its amazing that the wanta be comcast "STUPAVISOR" are not willing to speak with comcast customers and when they do; a bunch of lies come out!!!

call me and I will give more detail on this. I even ask to speak with a supervisor and was told there is no supervisor here, that's just hard to believe!!!

Please take this message serious because I do plan to seek further action which includes legal action once I have consulted with an attorney on my rights and entitlement in this agreement. After spending more than 25 years in the Military I have "NEVER" seen so much incompetence as I have with comcast, One final note, I plan to rally my fellow military friends in supporting me by moving their CABLE service to another provider this is my vow and promise, so; should you be incline to view my account the following information is provided: #09586451144044, my name is Cecil Fowler, 1178 Allentown St, Cordova, TN 38016.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Store Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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