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Well it is now almost end of August & nothing has been accomplished with Comcast, the more we complain, the more our rates seem to go up! No kidding!

Our bill was always 149.57 - then jumped to $197.00 for equipment we don't have, not taken off bill as promised, now I learn we have not had Internet service for almost 3 weeks, I am out of town & my husband has been away on business & we have no Internet service, but get this Our Bill is now a whopping $500.00!!!!!! When I call they tell me I have to be home, I don't have to be home to discuss a billing issue, my husband has cld numerous times & gets placed on hold for an hr to hr & 1/2, still have not got Internet at home, or any of our issues fixed! The more you complain to Comcast, they raise your bill!!! There is Absolutely No Way our bill can be $500.!!

In 2 weeks I am making trip into office with all our bills, all the charges they have on there for services & equipment we don't have, all our bank statements of payments we have made & they will either FIX our billing ISSUE & get our Internet back & our phone service resolved or we are contacting a Lawyer!! We have given Comcast ample time to resolve issues with us & make things right, but this company is a down right Fraud!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2013

We were guaranteed our same phone # if we bundled our service with Comcast and got their Voice, we said we would do this only if we could keep our same phone # as we have had it for over 20 yrs, we were GUARANTEED again, so we did this, Tech arrives gives us a different #,We told him No that's not our #, he called office they said Century Link has not released the number yet, wait a few days or You call them! Tech could not get out of our house fast enough after speaking to the office, he didn't even advise us on how to use the Voice system.

Its not our job to call Century Link, that's Comcast & should of been taken care of before any install was made. We call Comcast back, was told, you never filled out proper papers to have # ported, you have to fill out the papers, No One ever told us about any papers, then we are told, Your Number cannot be ported anyway, sorry but we cant do anything for you! We were lied to and scammed about this so a sale could be made. No one from Comcast has rectified this situation nor do they have any intent on doing so, they say they cant help.

DO Not Believe anything Comcast tells you or guarantees you, they do not and will not live up to any offers or guarantees they give you. Now come to find out, we have 2 home phone numbers, our old number rings and asks you to leave a message with our answering machine, only we cant retrieve messages, it is still registered to us, Comcast did not do a Thing.

They did not follow thru with having number ported, contacting Century Link, they did nothing but scam us and take our monies! BEWARE

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Greenville, South Carolina, United States #766614

It is ABSOLUTELY your job to call Century Link. That's YOUR account, not Comcast's.

Comcast can't tell Century Link to move your services any more than your disgruntled ex-spouse, hormone riddled teenager or annoyed neighbor.

It is your personal responsibility to liaison and oversee this transfer, with all appropriate documentation in order on the part of all parties.

to Anonymous #766678

Ok Mr/Mrs Anonymous which I suspect is a Rep for Comcast, you sound just like one or some political KNOW IT ALL! No I REPEAT,NO ITS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILTY TO DO COMCAST'S JOB!

Comcast told us they took care of everything - we were to do NOTHING! Our RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR ACCOUNT IS TO PAY OUR BILL, NOT DO COMCAST'S JOB! If Comcast cant tell Century Link to move the service then Why Do they Claim too? COMCAST CLAIMS CUSTOMER DOES NOT HAVE TO DO A THING, THEY WORK WITH CENTURY LINK TO OVERSEE THE CHANGES!!




We were contacted by Corporate office, she told me to explain everything we were told, so I told her & she couldn't believe what she was hearing & told me we were indeed lied to, that our number could be ported & she would contact a company called NASR as if anyone can port a number they can & will, she told us Do not disconnect from Century Link yet & she would get back with us in a few days, well its been over 2 weeks & no word from her & NASR, or Comcast again!! So here we are paying for 2 phones lines!

Then I happen to check our Comcast bill & we are being billed for equipment we don't have, so I contact Comcast they told me well you picked up 2 Dvr receivers 2weeks ago, I said No we didn't, a lady cld me & said we will adjust your bill but it will take 2 billing cycles, we still have to pay for this equipment they put on our acct or will disconnect our Service even though we did not have their equipment, Comcast is sneaky & NO GOOD, & we are Done with their lies & sneaky billing. My advice to anyone thinking of getting Comcast - DON'T, you will be VERY SORRY!

They have got to be the worst Business around. JUST BEWARE!!

Miami, Florida, United States #691230

Typical of this company. They dug up my yard.

Prior to that they ran a temporary cable in my back yard and left it that way for 1yr, must have cut it 12 times with the lawn mower. What made them bury the cable I ran into the techs in my back yard and asked them what they were doing, they said they were repairing the line, I asked you didn't even knock on the door and ask permission to come through the yard, the funny thing was they said they can do what ever they want comcast owns this area of the property. I said really they said yes. I said okay get off my property :( , they said they will call the police, I said do that.

They never did, so i said i will do them a favor and call the police. which i did, the police arrived and i told them what the issue was. They enforced not allowing comcast on the property. That ended with the cable crew supervisor stating he will have the cable buried.

They sent out a crew with a backhoe whom promised to fix everything back the way it was... lies lies lies. It been 3 months with rocks dirt and weeds no sod.

I've been on the phone with them more than 6 hours during the evening to get them to fix it. They are truthfully the worst company

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