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There’s not many options in my area that has bundles with cable, internet and telephone. Comcast is one then direct tv has a option to discount internet and phone with AT&T.

Then Dishnetwork has no bundle options and Verizion Fios isn’t available in my area. So I went with Xfinity after I finished my Direct tv contract. It’s roughly $140 a month for cable, internet and telephone so it’s not to bad. Only issue is I enrolled in the stupid paperless billing to save few dollars.

Problem is bills sent to the Comcast email provided which I never use or check. So if I have a busy month or week when bills due and I forget to check my comcast account online to see date bills due they automatically shut everything off a day after the payments late. Which I’ve always then instantly paid bill online right away only minutes after it being shut off. Yet they still tag me with fees and charge for shutoff and late bill.

I’ve requested multiple times to have the bill emailed to my other email account I check atleast weekly or to switch from the paperless billing back to them mailing me a paper bill I’ll physically see and then will remember due date and when to pay. Which they always then try and convince why I should stick to paperless billing or claim they will send to the Comcast email plus second copy to my secondary email which they never do. And always push the fact, trying to make it seem as a suggestion that I can check my bills due date and amount, plus pay all on my tv using the Comcast cable boxes in my house by going under Xfinity then my account. Which is awesome yay, but the problem being is I’m a busy person and forget to check my comcast email let alone doing it on my tv.

All my other bills come in mail which I get a physical bill I need to open and see then right due date and amount on envelope and pin to my fridge which I pass and see daily. I never forget to pay the bills I get in the mail or ever been late on those since I have the envelops with due date and amount tossed in my face everyday when I am in the kitchen and go into fridge. I honestly don’t have a big issue with them but there’s little issues that keep building up. I was also offered a prepaid visa giftcard for $150 from them if I signed up as new customer and got the Xfinity triple bundle pack which I bought and got a 2 year contract as a new customer yet didn’t get anything on the visa giftcard.

It was offered before hand then once I got Service they never mentioned it again and when I bring it up I’m just shrugged off and basically it’s ignored I even asked the question. Or I’m told I am not eligible for the Visa card. One rep eventually gave up on ducking my question and gave me a website to go to for me to enter some basic info in to redeem my card if eligible. Finally almost 8 months in having the contract I was told something so I went to this website that was made by Comcast and the Visa giftcard.

I entered in my name, address, date I began Comcast Service and started my triple pack HD bundle, and few other random questions. After everything a message appeared telling me I was no longer eligible for the giftcard and regardless the contract I signed and package I got wasn’t part of the promotion going on yet I still have the Email I received showing the ad for a Visa card of $150 specifically for if the triple pack was bought and contracted by new customer for 2 years and after 6 months Service with no cancelation a Visa card would be received. I never once had Comcast Service in my name so I was absolutely a new customer. It was way over the 6 months period and I didn’t plan on canceling.

And at that time I wasn’t ever late on a payment, except once which it was only a day past due date so Service never was inturupted or shut off due to non payment. I laugh now when I get letters in the mail from Comcast showing a fake little cardboard Visa giftcard saying they’ll give me one for some amount if I upgrade my package or add on their home security system. Recently I got one for if I dropped my current cell service and added their new service to my bundled pack. I’ve seen to many stories of customers being promised these Visa cards if they upgraded or signed contract and then they either became not eligible for some reason or just flat out never received the card in mail.

Comcast should have to reimburse customers they lured in with the amount of giftcard that claimed would give then had excuses once it was their time of the deal to pitch in. People typically end up dead set before moving or switching if so on a Service. If I planned to move and I researched all tv, interment and phone companies out in that area and compared prices, what’s included, plus current customers reviews and had decided let’s say Verizion Fios. I wouldn’t change my mind last minute just because Xfinity Comcast decoded send me this letter in the mail saying they’d give me a gift card for under $200 if I signed up for contract with them to get Service with them.

They assume people will drop current service or change minds on a Service they’ve planned to begin all because they bribe with giftcards that are worth nothing in today’s world. $150 is not helping me out to to much. Especially gift card that has more fees than anything. Now maybe if they offered the first 2 months free or something like after being a customer for a year/12 months with no cancelation then you’d be eligible for 2 months of free Service.

You could choose the two months out of the remaining 12 on contract where they’d apply an adjustment to bill so it would appear as zero balance due for the month so you wouldn’t have to pay. That’s something I’d maybe be interested in knowing id have 2 months worth after a year of having not to pay Comcast bill. Say a year later and I’m into my contract at 17 months and have a finicial emergency/situation pop up and don’t have the extra money to pay my Comcast bill, boom! I was offered 2 free months so I contact them and they make adjustment showing account balance is zero or the adjustments made for the amount of the current bill amount due.

That’s way more appealing then a giftcard that they don’t give anyone. And people have caught onto that so Comcast just waste time and paper now sending to others. It’s all over the Internet with customers complaining they never received it and it dates all the way back to 2013.

Companies should be sued and it become illegal for them to bribe with offers and then never fulfill them. They get the money they want from new customers then show no “thanks” by giving excuse not to give what was promised and then slowly rise the bills each and every month.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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