Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Was on the phone for over three hours to try and reach a resolution with a rep and a supervisor. They left 2 HD/DVR boxes in the apartment I moved into and were going to make me pay for a service rep to come out and collect their boxes and bring the basic box I was guaranteed through my lease.

A previous tenant upgraded these boxes and paid a deposit, but Comcast wanted me to bring them back to a location, or pay to have a service rep come get them before they would allow me to get the box I was supposed to have. My apartment complex doesn't have any involvement with Comcast so this should have been settled between Comcast and the previous tenant before I moved in. Also, Comcast locks the boxes to the wall so I literally couldn't remove them even if I wanted to take them back myself...therefore, they were forcing me to pay $70 for a service rep to come out and fix a problem I had nothing to do with.

Neither of the reps were willing to comp the service trip. The most frustrating thiings I've ever had to deal with

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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there is no way they can lock the boxes to a wall.......doesnt makes sense