Seattle, Washington
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I am really disappointed in Comcast's customer service line. The first two times we called to downgrade our cable service we were disconnected as soon as we pressed "downgrade." The third time, we were placed on hold for more than 2 hours before we gave up.

The fourth time, we were disconnected again. The fifth time, I pressed "upgrade service" and I was immediately given a representative. Unfortunately, the call was dropped again when I mentioned we were looking to downgrade. Since then we have tried calling three more times and all were disconnected.

This has all been today. I am really, really disappointed in this service. It is unprofessional, unkind, and inconsiderate to the people who are paying for this product and shows a complete lack of respect for Comcast customers.

Whoever has decided "by ignoring your customers you will better serve them" should rethink their business strategy. We are now seriously considering canceling our service altogether.

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FTC hits Comcast CEO Brian Roberts with $500,000 fine. So what he makes over 30 million per year.

Brian needs to reread the Comcast code of conduct where he tells employees he will not tolerate dishonesty from us. Why is he on Obama's jobs council? He should be fired. Do as I say, not as I do.

Obama's slogan about "change you can believe in" should really be "the more things change the more they stay the same".

It's worse being an employee. At the Lynnwood, WA call center a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent an email requesting off the clock work. We are winning a class action lawsuit against them.

Our lawyers are experienced and successful at winning this kind of case and we have the evidence.

Comcast thinks that hiring a Perkins Coie lawyer will intimidate us. It just proves that they know they are going down and have a lot of money to waste.


The same thing has happened to me.I have called three different months right after paying our bill to downgrade and they said I couldn't do it until I made another payment. They will not let us do it. I am thinking of reporting them.


I agree!! They are horrible.

They told me that they had to transfer me that no could help me with a down grade. They raise their prices so high no one can afford to stay on the plan. They were very rude and have no respect for their customers. I have a friend who was trying to sign up for cable and tv and they have truly given her the run around.

They have given her 4 different prices, and that is after she went online and found a price for 69.99 and now they are saying that it will be 130.00?!?! They are crazy!! What a ripoff.

It would be better to go with att or satellite. Save yourself the hassle.

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