New Haven, Connecticut
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My elderly Mom, 75 years old has been without service on her Telephone and Cable for this entire week. I 'm in Florida and remember my dealings with Comcast 14 years ago was horrible.

My Mom has life alert but no phone to call from except her Tracfone that we keep in service. I believe the law is being broken by not providing 911 service to a paying customer. Comcast came out twice this week a told her the last technician botched the hookup with her apartment and many more in the Victory Garden Apartments. No one from Comcast has been on the property Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

I'm going to get involved in this a make a major complaint to the FCC.

How does this company stay in business? My Mom made the mistake in trusting a company to handle all of her services which I don't do.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Get your mom a cell phone to tide her over...note you can still call 911 on a cell with no service as long as the phone is charged.

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