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Message: This is the email I sent to: Comcast Executive, One Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103:

On 2/21/13, I paid a deposit of $50.- with Bank of America Credit Card for installation appointment on 3/2/13, basic Comcast service. On 2/27/13, I canceled the installation appointment when the Customer Service demanded an additional $50.- deposit plus $40.- for Technician installation. Comcast refuses to refund my deposit of $50.- to my credit card. I've called many times asking for calls to be escalated to Senior Management. I'm placed on hold 4 times for more than 32 minutes + and more than 43 minutes, then call is disconnected. No Management staff calls me back. On 3/18/13, Chantele, Customer Service, Comcast Call Center, Miramar, FL, said the Account was noted "MIGHT get $50.- refund in 6 MONTHS!" This is unacceptable. I don't want a check from COMCAST, only credit my card ASAP. I am 69 years old, living on a fixed income/Social Security. Comcast is ripping me off - plans to hold my refund:- 6 MONTHS, or not refund my deposit. Your inflexible, outdated policy is ARCHAIC & your industry is going the way of the dinosaurs and will soon be EXTINCT because consumers no longer need your services when we can buy Roku & stream for FREE online. Good riddance to your lousy, soon to be extinct, disservice!! Applause!!!!!!!!!!! W. Martin

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Naples, Florida, United States #625527

Contact the number from the back of your card and file a chargeback. If you read the terms of your accounts you will learn these things.

to LadyScot Walnut Creek, California, United States #625529

I did, & the Credit Card Company said that they cannot do a chargeback & dispute the charge UNLESS a "certain time limit passes" & Comcast does NOT refund my money. My feeling is that Comcast did NOT provide ANY service & I NO LONGER want their *** service anyway.

I canceled 2 days prior to installation so the Company should immediately return my money.

But COMCAST said: "NOT FOR six (6) MONTHS!!!

to winsomart Naples, Florida, United States #625535

Hmmm...strange that your card would not do a courtesy credit...have you had any chargebacks in the past 6 months? Call them again and appeal the decision. Unless you are a habitual chargebacker they should do it for you.

to LadyScot #625544

No, I do not, & have not done any chargebacks in 4 years as I do NOT use this credit card more that 2 times per year - just to keep it active. But then again it is a Bank of America Credit Card & they are the WORST Bank! Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try with the Bank again.

to LadyScot Naples, Florida, United States #625642

I have used BOA for over 20 years and have never had issues with either banking or the credit cards, so I don't know about that. Just try again to appeal the charge.

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