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We have new service, that was our first mistake. After 3 technicians we still do not have complete service.

Most of the service tech's are lazy and do not do their job. I have only had ONE tech that did what he was suppose to do. When I call, the person that answers is NOT EVEN in AMERICA!!! The CS people are very condescending and rude!

The CS reps are trained to lie to customers so they won't have to deal with customers.

Comcast has a great product but their employees are not trained properly. I am so disappointed with Comcast!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bellingham, Washington, United States #961389

I never would have thing that Comcast is a part of Fox News Network. Your news on your home page is very bios in reporting the news on Hillary Clinton.

Sure isn’t fare and unboils to me. Its smells almost like a Republican News Network.

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