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I moved to my new house. I called to make sure my cable was disconnected at the old residence and turned on at the new residence after the move.

I had it all set up for the first night in my house for installation, or so I thought. The technician never showed up and when I called the comcast representative told me they had come to my house and no one was home. I was at my house since 9 am in the morning putting all my stuff away and cleaning and there was no way anyone showed up. I had to argue this point to the representative for a half hour.

Then they told me well we can possibly do it in 2 days. I told them that was unacceptable and wanted it installed that night. Comcast tried every excuse not to send someone. Finally after 50 minutes on the phone they sent someone over.

We could tell they were unhappy immediately. One technician was spitting his chewing tobacco all over my driveway and then spit his chew bag in my driveway. He told me he had to drill one hole in my house for the cable but drilled two. Then left all the mess on my floor and heater duck.

They told me that they would only charge 45 dollars for installation then charged us 145 dollars when I recieved the bill. He then cut all my old cable in my house without my permission. I called comcast several times to speak about this and they told me someone would being contacting me the next day.

So far twice no one has called. Trust me there is no satisfaction guaranteed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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comcast sucks its a big ripp off and the dummys they hire should not be aloud to watch tv much less try to install it !!!!!!

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