Palo Alto, California
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Comcast doesn't know the meaning of customer service. You either have to be an abject masochist or totally insane to ever order their service.

After one month of trying to get hooked up I finally said forget it. you can't reach a real person and if you do they are worthless. You just have to repeat the same story again and bottom line someone will be out in three days. it's always three days.

i tried to get my phones working for one month. tried calling, tried e-mails to the VPs office. nothing but platitudes and no resolution to my problem. the last guy to show up, after three days told me that he was not authorized and not trained to work on the telephone hook up.

Furthermore he admitted that only AT&T knew phones and that Comcast out to lunch when it came to phone service and that Comcast was only a cable company. I'd had it. I called AT&T and they came out and installed the whole U-verse package in two days, one day before Comcast was going to come out for the fourth time to try and fix my phones. AT&T not only installed everything correctly but the tech saidf he would call me back that evening to make sure everything was working ok.

He said that if there was any problems he'd be back that night to fix them. Note: Comcast came out and left and then the service didn't work. Absolutely no follow up and if you called then three days. Bottom line you don't want Comcast.

They are the worst possible service providers. They are an absolute nightmare that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

Monetary Loss: $960.

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I am so frustrated with Comcast. We have phone, internet and cable services.

Nothing has worked consistently since I moved in three months ago. I've spent literally hours on the phone with representatives trying to "talk" me through a problem over the phone only to be transferred to another department where we get to start all over again verifying all of the account information. When I finally do get a technician out they tend to be polite but I find they are not qualified to handle the problem, not certified to fix the weak signal to the house, and simply want to leave as quickly as possible to finish their day. Many of the agents I've spoken to on the phone can not deviate from a script and are completely clueless.

It has been a complete waste of time scheduling service calls.

A woman named Shirleesha actually seemed to really enjoy being of ZERO help and she refused to let me talk to anyone else finally pushing me over the edge. Bottom line, avoid Comcast/Xfinity!


I completely understand your frustration!!! She refused because there's no body else to talk to.

Supervisors are always in meetings or not available.

Yeah, right! What a joke of a company.