Rustburg, Virginia

Several months ago I complained about the rising cost of cable versus the quality when nothing was changed I just sucked it up and paid the bill well 4 months later the bill has went from 140.0 to 197.00 with no increase in service this is in no way acceptable and they did not even send a notice that the rates would be changing I have been a customer for 20 years and will no longer take one for the team I would rather do with out cable all together then be raped by the fat cats at Comcast I spoke to several rep at Comcast ,Cynthia and Josh on the phone and as was stated by them this is a company standard the customer is to be run over run down and forgot about no matter how long you have been a good customer so my advise before they offer the pretty promotion and short sided deals run not walk away because sooner not later it will cost too much money for too little service


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