I would not recommend Comcast to future customers based on very bad experience I had with Tech. Support Supervisor name Neil ID BQ_.

I was on the phone 1,5 hours ( exactly), on 2-12-20 from 5:00AM to 6:30AM. asking to send new signal to improve quality of the picture on my TV. The Supervisor name Neil wanted to send tech. to my home first and charge me for it.

He refused to check Comcast equipment first including Comcast box located outside of the house to be sure that Comcast equipment is working correctly. The lady from Comcast who answer my call before she transferred me to Neil told me that from her end in Colorado she can't do that, then later she said to Neil that she sent the signal twice, and she made notation of it.

I told Neil that I experienced similar situation with TV picture before and resending the signal helped., but he refused to do that until I agree to let technician in to my apartment and be charge for this visit. This is obvious a scam, anticipating in advance that the problem with the picture is inside my place.

I also read reviews of other Comcast customers and I see that there are many of them frustrated like I am because of very poor performance its employees like Neil who refused to check his equipment first.

I that point I have to find out who is Neil's superior and bring to his attention Neil's bad attitude and lack of willingness to help me until I agree to pay for technician coming to my home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

Preferred solution: An employee Neil ID BQ_should be reprimended for refusing to check Comast equipment to improve TV picture until I will pay fee for this service..

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