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We cancelled our Comcast service in June 2014 because of the inability of Comcast to get out internet to work after multiple technician visits and calls to Comcast. Last week, I received a call from a 3rd party called Equipment Recovery Service claiming we did not return all of our Comcast equipment. This is false as we returned our equipment via a UPS mailbox that was mailed to us by Comcast with pre-paid labels. We do not possess any Comcast equipment as we mailed everything in our possession back (2 cable boxes, 1 internet modem and 2 remote controls). I was told by the 3rd party company that only Comcast can resolve this issue of removing the missing equipment from my account. On 9/23 I called and the service rep said Comcast was missing 1 of my cable boxes and that 1 cable box and 1 modem had been returned on different dates (impossible as everything was mailed together in one large box). She said she would send a ticket to the equipment research group and someone would get back to me by 9/29/2014. As no one got back to me by 9/29/2014, I called Comcast again on 9/29/2014 and spoke to another customer service rep in the Silver Spring office. She now claims I am missing 2 items – a cable box and a modem (which is more equipment than noted last week). She also told me this is not a Comcast problem and is a UPS problem. She said she would check with the warehouse and get back to me if someone contacts her. Her supervisor refused to speak with me.

I am extremely frustrated at this fraudulent business practice of Comcast. We returned all our equipment and Comcast is claiming we still have equipment, sent my information to a 3rd party equipment collection service, and is unable to answer my questions or help me address the issue when I call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Someone to Contact me and Resolve the Issue.

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Wow! It is like reading my own story!

I cancelled Comcast service in June 2014 (VERY BAD Internet connection), returned all equipment (in Person), even received a notice that Comcast own me a money....Since the refund was not coming, I called Comcast and was informed that I am NOT Going to get the refund, because I did not return one cable box....Person I spoke with, was a very nasty man.....

I am going to write them a letter and copy the refund notice. But I am not very optimistic about the outcome

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