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Below is what happened an email I have sent to them.......still no contact....this is beyond crazy!!

"This is beyond crazy. I need this fixed, I do not have time to be on the phone with Comcast for hours. My wife was just diagnosed with cancer. We don't have time for this at all!

Lets start from the beginning. Mind you, I have all my calls recorded, so I have proof of everything I am about to tell you. Okay, about 2 years ago I decided to give you guys a second chance. I previously had service a few years back and it was just horrible customer service, so we went with another carrier. The man that came door to door convinced me that all the previous issues I had with Comcast on my prior experience were fixed. So I said "okay lets do it." He signed me on a plan that was a flat $140 the first year and $160 flat the second year. So, the time comes around, when I guess, where it expired. No one contacted me, sent anything, nothing. I just all of a sudden got a bill saying my new rate was around $230 a month. I was flabbergasted and tried getting in contact with you guys to find out what had happened, (I just assumed it had expired) Mind you, this was after being billed $230 for the first month, I didn't notice it right away. My biggest problem was that NO ONE said anything? So I tried calling and was left on hold for about 20 minutes, I gave up and decided that I would try to contact you guys on Twitter. I, no lie, sent at least 15 tweets and was ignored by each and everyone of the reps on Twitter. I took screenshots of each of these tweets to have proof. NO ONE ever answered me after 3 days of tweets. So my wife tried and they answered her? She told them to call me, as I was trying to get with them. So we did get a call back and the person I talked to understood the issue and started working with me. I told him there was no way I was paying $230 a month for cable, when competitors were offering it for much less. I told him I was willing to keep everything the same and pay the $160 flat still. He set it up, I think for about $164 flat(that was the bottom line with everything added in, tax, fees, boxes etc. Just like it was set up originally), I said "no problem" and we went forward with it. I was told I would get an $80 credit for the previous month I was billed $230, and from then forward I would pay $164 flat for all the same services (all fees ,boxes etc. included in that flat amount) I have had. End of story, or so I thought. I had to get back on the phone about a week later and find out why I didn't get the $80 credit, I was told I would get. I spent about 2 hours trying to get it resolved, finally it did get done, after all that phone time. I was issued a credit for the previous month of about $83. Problem solved, right? Not so fast...........................................

Lets move along to a couple weeks ago. I opened my bill and it was over $800!! So I got to looking and it looked like someone else went back in and undid everything that was taken care of before. So, I took to Twitter again, was ignored once again and just decided to call. So I got a hold of someone in billing, they looked and looked and finally after about an hour on the phone I was told , yes someone did go back and adjust all that, but also, I was over charged around $200. She was unsure why those mysterious charges were in there. But she went in and submitted the changes. She told me that was the most she could do and that she couldn't fix the agreement I had with the previous rep, paying the $164 a month. So she sent me over to customer retention(I think that's what it was called). I told him my issue and he said "well lets see what you can live without." I told him that was unacceptable and I needed to speak with a supervisor. I remember it was a Friday around 4pm. She talked with me for about 5 minutes and then said "you know what, I have to look into this deeper, can I call you back, before 5pm today." I said "sure". But, NEVER got a call back at all, its been over a week since then. About a day after that I took to Comcast Facebook page and was complaining, someone contacted me and asked for my number, and they would have someone call me. A lady called this week, I think on Tuesday and left a message. As I said before my wife was just diagnosed with Cancer, so I haven't had a lot of time outside of doc appointments, etc. So I didn't get a chance to call back until Thursday. I left a message and asked her to call me back today in the morning. Nothing...no call. no nothing....so I am at wits end. I need this fixed or I have to just go with another provider. This is the last chance for someone to try and get this fixed permanently. Very frustrated and tired of fighting to try and get this fixed. Please help, or tell me you cannot and I will leave and go with another carrier.

Also if you need dates, screenshots of the recorded phone call agreements, etc. I have them all, but will need to dig them up. But trust me I have it ALL."

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Customer Care.

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I have syphilis, I too cannot handle all this stress with cable tv billing problems


I also am living a nightmare with Comcast all the while dealing with my son having a brain tumor. These "people" at Comcast are liars and cheats.

I think they relish in making people lives miserable. I pray they are bought out and all of these *** are fired.

Disgusting company. I also pray your wife recovers.