Hinesville, Georgia
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My husband and I bought a new TV yesterday. After plugging in the TV and connecting to Comcast Xfinity, the picture blinks on more than half the channels.

I went thru a rep, a supervisor and a manager at Comcast all refused to schedule a tech appointment because the "account holder", my husband, is not available. I explained that he is in the hospital and can't come to the phone. I was then asked for his medical records to verify that he really is ill or they wanted to call him at the hospital .

I refused to allow them to do that. As it stands now, we have a large plasma door-stop which no one will do anything to repair.

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Wow..I can't believe they were actually asking for his medical records! That's ridiculous!

Have they never heard of HIPPA's privacy act, it is none of their concern why he is in the hospital and you are his wife so I don't really understand why they wouldn't let you take care of any scheduling or service calls for your household. I have never personally had any problems with Comcast.

I have had them in the past and all was fine but once we moved I had to have another service provider which is "Charter Cable" because Comcast is out of our network reach where I live now, Charter cable service is however horrible! Best Wishes on getting your TV service going.

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