Prince Frederick, Maryland
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I installed a new modem to hopefully resovle the connectivity problems I have been having for years.

Worked with Evah Jonson and Robin Brian to resovle issues after the installation.

I still cannot send e-mail from 75% of my accounts.

This is only the last non-service event from Comcast.

There are many more over the years.

When Fios gets here I drive by the Comcast equipment.

My connection to Comcast has been tenuous at best for years.

The internet goes up and down when ever.

The modem goes completely dark multiple times a day.

Try to send e-mail to comcast and they get aborted.

I pay for service which is not provided.

I sent an e-mail to the CEO and got referred to some underling.

The underling is Evan Johnson and he caused the current "send e-mail problems".

How are these people still employed?

We pay 100% for service and get 50%

We spend more of our time fixing their problems.

Apparently the have not Pm process.

They only respond to problems.

Not proactive at all!

We are not compenstated for any of that.

Yet they continute to get our money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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thats because comcast is a shared network. everyone in your area is on the same wire.

the more modems on the wire the slower you go! take it from me...a telco guy for 30 years