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This is a true Comcast nightmare story..

Customer service that is the worst, and then, after 2 months,

a bright spot out of all the idiots that work there.

6 weeks ago I received a letter stating I was being upgraded to the new dosc3

whatever and I would get a new voice modem. I thought great! Sent in my request..

this is where the *** with comcast has come very close to junking them and going with uverse.

I received my modem.. it's a voice modem with WIFI and a router..

Upon learning that I cannot turn off the wifi, it has to be bridged

by comcast, as comcast will not let you get into the router part..

Also learned that every time the modem needed to be reset, it would

have to be bridged again. I would just use my own router.

SO I called them, explained the elec. here, goes out and blinks all the

time, That I needed a modem with no wifi.. they said sure..... no problem.

I think, all is good.. well a week later, along comes ups with my package,

I send back the other one.. open it up and.. ITS THE SAME MODEM. I'm getting

pissed now.. recall them.. explain EVERYTHING once again, am assured they will

send me the correct one this time.. Hung up, called the retention dept,

and explained everything again, they double checked and assured me the order

is there and it will be the right one.. I feel confident, got 2 different people looking at it..

I wait.. and wait.. Ups lady arrives.. Big box.. thought, well.. we'll see..

Sent the last one back AGAIN. Opened this box.. now what do you think I got?

2 TWO thats 2 of the wrong modems. Who in there right mind orders or uses

2 effin modems? Doesn't comcast look at their orders? Does not the shipping

person look.. I was assured this would be a voice modem with NO wifi.

Appears they do not care what the order states, they just go so fast and

grab grab grab off a shelf, not reading and ship it out.. SO again..

another contact with comcast.. By now I am HOT.. this has been a month now.

Ongoing comcast ***. called comcast explained ONCE AGAIN.. all this..

Am assured again that I will receive a voice modem with no wifi no router..

just a simple *** voice modem. What is so hard to understand about this request??

I wait once again for a week.. ups lady comes again even she is laffing

and bad talking comcast. Telling me to get Uverse, it's cheaper, and you

get a 200$ gift card. Any way.. I get the box.. small box this time,

I really think this is it! Wait, the box is awful light. I send the 2

wrong ones back at the same time. I open the box.. Know why it was so

light? It's a *** empty box!!! What the *** is this ***??? Furious

now.. I call comcast yet again.. this makes 6 or 7 delivery's of nothing

but ***. This is not a company, this is a circus. and a over priced one.

I did online chat this time. explained yet again my problem, and let me

tell you it's getting harder to do as the story is getting LONG. This

person assures me they will get it straightened out.. I said I doubt it,

heard that 6 times before. and anyway.. they said it would be shipped.

The right one.. hahaha They know nothing about doing something right.

ANYWAY, This was Thursday 8/14 The next day I got an email showing where

my bill was changed, which just proves whoever I chatted with did SOMETHING,

but, I have NOT received an email that says "My equipment has shipped"

Thought I would this morning 8/18 Nothing. SO.. now I don't think they even put the order in.

I will probably once again call them. But it will be my second to last call.

I've had enough of a dysfunctional company. If this is not fixed. all I want

is what THEY offered ME free.. an upgrade. I didn't ask for it, nor did I ask

for this ***. One voice modem, with no router or wifi.. what is so hard with this?

I already have a call into uvers and they are coming today to check me for

installation. Not going to commit yet, but having my options open. Going to

get the actual prices, what I get for it eq etc. Comcast will have one last

chance and frankly thats more then they deserve.

What am I asking here? Well a *** voice modem with NO ROUTER or wifi.

I mean I didn't ask for the upgrade, I got a letter in the mail saying

I was being upgraded.

Maybe even a check to see if this was even ordered and being shipped?

What else am I asking for? Get this note to the CEO of comcast, ANYONE

higher up to show them the incompetence of their employees.

I have names of them, dates and ticket numbers to pass along as well.

Everyone I talked to should not have a job there.

I get an email and call from a woman soumds_esl@cable.comcast.com From get this..

CORPORATE/ I tell her my whole story,

she assures me that SHE will send me the right modem. I doubted her and said so.. her exact words were:

"I'm from corporate and I will send you the right one" Well guess what??? I got one and it was.. WHAT?

THE WRONG ONE AGAIN. This time no shipping label to send back. I called her and emailed her back for a week..

progressively getting more pissed. She has never returned one email or call. A Comcast Corporate ***..

and THIS is what you want if comcast is to get even bigger?

Now to tell you about a fantastic guy who works for comcast..

Now.. I went on facebook and found a comcast page, and just posted the words "Comcast sucks."

A couple days latere I got a message from a guy who is in Philadelphia, and named Peter. I do not

know if he is corporate but his email address is also cable.comcast.com. Well THIS guy needs a raise..

after a week of talking with him he found one of the modems I was looking for. Had it sent here,

and is now sending return mail stickers and box as well.. Also, will credit my account for the

battery I will have to buy for the thing. When comcast sold me on the telephone part,

they guaranteed a battery.. I had explained my elec goes out in the country here all the time..

well the new modems do not come with a battery now. If I knew that was what was to come,

I would not have got phone service with them at that time.. switch and bait eh? Also this Pete is

crediting my account 100$ for the aggrevation I have went through..

Hows that for support.. This guy needs a raise! Are you

LISTENING comcast.

This is the sorry sack of *** comcast is now..It will get worse trust me. It will get so

bad people will start fighting back. and I for one will join them. Comcast is to big for

its britches now. Don't let it get MORE out of control. Their tech help knows nothing..

I've had pixelation on the tv when I use the computer. This has been on going for a month as

well. Had a guy here, cut the ends off my cables put new ones on.. called it fixed.. it

is NOT fixed yet. But the good part.. he sat in my kitchen waiting on something he had

hooked up and talked on his cell phone for 30 min something about his kid and basketball.

When he got the reading whatever he wanted, he said see ya, went out in my drive and sat in

his truck.. no *** now, for over an hour with the door open so I can hear him..

about his kid and basketball to the same person. Is this more of why comcast charges

so much for *** service??

cant wait to go dove hunting and start shooting birds sitting on comcasts cable wire.

Un effin happy customer

BUT this Pete in Philadelphia needs a RAISE comcast...

ONE person went above and beyond to help me.. where 8-10 others could not, and/or would not do.

Including this *** Comcast strives to provide outstanding customer service and I appreciate your

bringing this matter to my attention. Please contact me at


Melody S.

Executive Customer Relations THIS *** needs fired, or at least a fat lip.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Package.

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They gave you $100.00 for your aggrevation what else would you like them to do?

to Nikki #878128

Well, Nikki, I think that he would like them to do their jobs right the 1st time ... or maybe even the 2nd time instead of the 10th time, over a month later.

I think that he'd like it if they provided competent customer service. You're living proof that you can't fix ***.

If you don't work for Comcast, then you should apply. They'd hire you in a heartbeat and probably put you in a Management position.

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