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Comcast in East Brunswick, New Jersey - Consistently over charging and making it hard to fix

I have seen complaints against Comcast for poor service quality, horrendous customer service and over billing but I have not seen yet Comcast charging me monthly fee for my own modem. Recently I upgraded my Internet service to Blast; bought, installed and activated a modem; and returned their modem. But Comcast designates my modem as leased and is still charging for the modem. I was on chat with an agent named Arlan about the issue. He submitted a ticket and asked me to fax a receipt for the modem I bought. It is outrageous that Comcast would claim my modem as theirs and I have to prove that it is mine. I have the receipt but I did not fax. Weeks passed by and no one from Comcast did anything on the ticket. Another chat. The agent sent it to "higher department." In addition, I see there are two additional modems in my account that were removed by replaced by Comcast technicians. About a year ago my Internet speed was low and going down intermittently. After spending numerous hours over the phone technicians came twice and replaced the modems. They never updated my account to reflect that old modems were removed but the new ones were added. Here is another example of how Comcast appears to have an unwritten policy of over charging and placing significant impediment when customers complains so that many of them would give up and pay the charges. There was a service (TV and Internet) outage in my area. Of course, Comcast does not refund for the services customers did not receive. I got on the chat. The agent finally first agreed to refund $24.89. I told him that he still did not adjust credit for the Internet service. Finally, he did and said that he will credit my account for $34.95. What I found later that he credited for only $24.89. I was on the chat again. This time the agent told me that she will credit the remaining portion. And then about the Internet speed. I pay $10 extra per month for the Blast speed. It is never anywhere close to the advertised speed and sometimes the Blast is more like turtle. That is the pattern I experience all the time I have to deal with Comcast. This pattern indicates that Comcast may have an unwritten policy of over charging customers and making it extremely hard for customers to fix them so they can keep on over charging month after month year after year.
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Comcast Internet Service
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Comcast is horrible

Comcast cable has the worst customer service ever. Funny this is supposed to be a service industry and they suck at it! I tried to order service and called up several time only to get hung up on a few times. The other times that I did speak to someone they had conflicting stories/ offers/ promotions then the previous salesman. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. Hope i never have to go through it again. I do not wish this one anyone. Comcast is a rip-off someone should put a stop to the monolopy they have on this industry.
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no surprise to anyone i think... Comcast needs competition to force them to improve their services and be competitive with pricing. I hope FIOS puts a BIG pinch on them soon - sooner the better


Read the fine print on their new Comcast phone service too. It advertises $19.99 for unlimited long distance and the other goodies.

But if you read the fine print that rate goes up to about $45.00 after 6 months. Considering how quickly they jacked up their rates after the Insight buy out, they will most likely pump up their phone rates too. Most likely they will consider the month you order, like in the middle of it, an entire month of the first 6.

This happened to me once with AT&T. Comcast needs to get their act together with their HDTV service and On Demand movies freezing up and quit worrying about stealing customers from the phone companies.

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Comcast Internet Service