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I email CC's svp Tom, his assistant email, stating someone will be contacting me within 24hours.

Someone else from CC called on Sunday, saying person who modified my account will call me on Monday.

Ms.Allison from CC called today around 9:25am.

From the way she spoke, she was taking her instructs from the same script as the rep from Friday night.

Hi Ms. Anette, Thank you for responding to my email.

I heard from Tom on Sunday around 11am, he said someone will be contacting me on Monday. I received a call from Ms. Allison today around 9:25am. Ms.

Allison indicates: Your bulk contract states, you should not be getting majority of channels that I was getting for more than 15 years, second: they mailed out a letter 6 weeks ago(I asked her, what latter bc I have not received any letter from CC), which explained what channels, I should be getting . But as a compromise, she said, she is willing to added 2 more channels of ESPN but for the rest of sports channel, I will need to signup to get them. I told her, I have been getting these channel for more than 15years, she said well you should not have been getting them, I asked her so she cannot do any thing about, her solution was to mail me the contract and then I can call her to go over it, I told her, how is that going to help, since your not willing to accept that it was your mistake, she once again, started to go over how CC does audits every 5 years, so I asked, well how come this issue was not picked up before, she respond she does not know, again re-affirmed, she cannot do any thing... But she can mail me the contract, and then for me to call her to go over, which doesn't make any sense, since she will not restore the channel which I had.

I asked, her how to go about signing new contract, she said, she will have a account manager assigned to my property, then he/she will contact me. I am very much disappointed, that after all this time, having comcast as our apartment complex's preferred cable TV provider, I am being told, sorry but we been making a mistake for past 15 year, because you should only be getting limited number of channel...

Original review posted by user Jun 25, 2016

Channels subscription changed without approval or any notice......Says I need a subscription to watch. I been with CC for more then 20 years. I was provided with comp cable, becasue I'm property manager, so when ever CC marketing Rep. wanted to do promo's at apartement complex I manage, I alway provided them with full access. Comcast cable tv is our perferred provider for all the units. During this time, I kept my channel lineup the same, once in a while I added internet service and then dropped it. I always paid my bill on time, most of the time ahead of time. So, last night I go to watch Bein network, I got a message on tv, it's not included in my subcriptin plan, so I thought maybe cable box needs to be reset, so I unplugged power and then plugged it back in, tried again, but same problem. Then I went channel by channel to see which channels I'm missing, then I find out all the premium, and sports channel are gone. Then I call, CC, I spoke to Dona, rep ID 96T, she kept indicating that company I work for (company that own apt complex) have stopped pay the part of bill, which was crazy since I have to approve or disapprove every invoice or bills, and becasue I pay for cable and I have all the paid bills copy. Then Mr. Dona, says, some one from my company had called and changed the channel line up, now it's important to point out, only my self and my wife are auth to make any changes to our account. So I ask her, Can I plz speak with your supervisor, she says, why,if it's about my channel lineup, she has answered all the questions, I'm like but you haven't, I want to know who changed my channel line up? She kept says, it's myself or my wife, who called and changed the channel line then I asked her, CAN I PLZ SPEAK WITH YOUR SUPERVISIOR, so then she just transfers me to bulk account rep, becasue Ms. Dona had said, she cannot do any thing since my account was a bulk account, so when bulk account rep reviewed my account, she said, she cannot do anything because it's not a bulk account, so she transferred me back to res accout rep, then Ms.Brittney, ID16675, reviewed my account after I repeated the entire story, said, my account is a bulk account, she will put on hold so she can follow up with bulk account supervisor, after 45mins, she told me that my account is a courtesy & bulk account, bulk accounts supervisor will be able to help but nothing more can done at the moment becasue it was 11pm Friday night, I would need to have the bulk account supervior help me, supervisor will call on on 6/25/16, still she was unable to answer, the question which is why my account was changed WITH OUT MY APPROVL OR ANY NOTIFICATION TO ME. So, I asked the last rep so do you have a case number or ticket number, in casue bulk account supervisor dosen't call, I have to call, I would need something so the rep can review notes on my acccount so he or she know what is going on, so I won't have to go over the entire story again, she said, no, there no ticket or case number she can give, only thing she will do is have bulk account supervisor call me, So I ask her, well why cannot the bulk account supervisor fix the issue now, since you reivewed my account with her, rep said, well we are about to close for the night, so supervisor will call me tomorrow... I seems like very 6months CC changes something, then after spend count less hours on the phone with mult-reps, from mult-dept, still they make you wait. I been with COMCAST for over 15years, aside from adding internet, I have never never changed my channel line up, so I'm very disappointed especially since we at spruce manor apartments (over 200 units), where I am property manager, we prefer our tenants sign up for comcast, for past 20 plus year had Comcast as our perferred cable TV provider. Depending on how my current issue is dealt with, we might have to rethink out partnership... Update: June 25,16 12:08pm, NO CALL from any one at CC bulk account dept.... June 25,2016, 4:03pm, STILL WAITING to hear from anyone at Comcast bulk accounts dept... Just in case if any one from CC is reading this, this is my device info:My Device Information My Zip Code:08031My Cable Provider:Recommended by ComcastUse Dac:trueMy Conroller ID:16My Map ID:3My Persona ID:11103My myDVR Manager Status:Not InstalledMy Set Top Box Names:Not InstalledMy Watchlist setup:trueFacebook Watchlist Syncing:falseFacebook Connect:falseMy public IP address: operating system:Windows - rv:47.0My web browser:Firefox 47 - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0My system type:Desktop computer or other deviceMy Silverlight version:5.1.50428.0My Flash version:22.0.0Javascript:enabledCookies:Enabled (1919 Bytes). Time Information My Clock Time:Sat Jun 25 2016 11:18:05 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time)Server Clock Time:Sat Jun 25 2016 11:18:05 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time) My Account Information In Home Authenticated:falsePrimary Account:trueProvider Codes:s, jt, du, cy, *** kf, ep, eq, hc, dm, cq, hb, eu, ey, ee, fm, u, gz, fc, eh, bt, gi, ja, bw, gf, bu, by, bs, at, em, kg, bl, ix, gd, fo, bp, gw, gr, iy, jy, k, dg, dt, bn, ha, bi, bj, ki, ka, ce, it, ez, dx, gk, fh, ef, fd, do, fy, jo, ju, is, au, ew, ed, b, go, dj, de, kb, h, fa, ci, fx, gq, cp, jf, cw, ge, ea, cb, eb, bz, jj, co, jr, gh, jc, gn, dp, gg, gl, dh, en, fi, cd, cf, fb, ar, cg, df, cu, ir, jq, br, fe, n, ex, jv, ga, fw, ke, fz, o, bx, dw, bb, bc, fn, ff, jm, dv, fs, ct, cs, et, cv, gv, fr, db, dr, jb, gm, er, fv, dy, bo, dn, ft, kp, el, bq, kd, km, jk, aw, je, dc, jl, jw, jn, da, im, iz, fq, fl, gs, bv, di, *** cx, dq, fg, fp, ds, eo, gx, y, es, gj, ev, ht, gc, fj, cn, ch, gb, eg, kc, cc, jiInternet Subscriber:falseCable TV Subscriber:trueVoice Subscriber:false
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