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First of all, I have had service with Comcast for a total of 5 days! We signed up to have wireless internet at our home..

with that being said, our wireless internet has not worked correctly any of the 5 days! I have been on the phone with technical support several times and they cant seem to fix it! I asked if they could please send the technician back out to correct the problem (the problem that has been from the set up). They then tell me there will be an additional charge of $80 to have the come fix it!

LET ME REMIND YOU IT HAS NOT WORKED SINCE THEY "HOOKED IT UP" 5 DAYS AGO! I explained to them that I did not feel that I should have to pay for something that should have been set up right to begin with! The customer service rep gets very rude and tells me that when they schedule them to hook up the internet that they are not responsible for it working?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

3 hours and 4 people later a guy in billing tells me that I should in no way be told I was going to be charged $80 for a service that was never working! By this time I am beyond furious and am ready to switch companies after only 5 days!

So to all new customers....yes this is the way you will be treated with Comcast, and just be aware that they are not responsible for their services!! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

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I found out my sister was paying triple play for 3 years, and not using the phone. They sold here the package and only provided a simple cable modem for internet. I found this out after she passed and I was helping settle her estate.

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If you're able to get to the online customer support chat do so. I had a very similar situation and everytime I called they had no note of previous conversations and what not. I went into my account online and chatted with a Rep and without any hesitation he credited me with what I requested


this is child's play compared to my current situation. 2 months with no working phone service and I may not be able to get my old phone number back. I sympathize with you.


Call and ask for the loyalty departnent, threaten to cancel ur service. Their retention department is your bedt bet of receiving the credits you deserve.

Obviously this problem doesnt happen to everyone or else they would have no cystomers, but it doesn't make it right.. good luck

to ex employee #733213

8) I have had problems with them since they went digital

Once my internet was not right so I called them told them I was pulling out all my stuff and sitting it the yard for them to pick up or repair the setup right -oh and by the way I told them My sprinklers wher on a timer-An hour and half later I had ffour trucks in ffront of the house-Lighting had hit the ploe 500 yards away from the house and done some damage to the lines-all new lines connections,a boster in the house-no more problems since

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