I received a letter telling me that I would need to order Cable boxes in order to continue to receive my basic service after 9/1/09. I received the two boxes and installed them as instructed.

Six hours later and three calls with India I finally got the software downloaded and working. Low and behold I can no longer record programs from my DVR/VCR except for the channel I am watching. I called again and they confirmed my fears that I can no longer record other channels other then the one I am watching on my cable box. I can no longer record multiple programs on different stations.

Their solution...rent one of their DVR boxes. You can record on theirs !!! Where is the outrage over this.

Where is the competition promised. Just like anything else you pay enough politicians and and you can steal from the consumer.

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why can't we get all the channels and a guide that just mean :cry


My service was suppose to be installed from 1-3 but no one arrived. Called them at 3, customer service says they will arrive at 5.

Someone help me understand how the flexibility of 1-3 came down to 5pm??



Comcast is going to rip us off forever. That is what they do...

the "service" they provide costs them next to nothing, but they charge each individual customer a hundred bucks. Their profits are astronomical... and yet they squeeze us more and more and more. To make things worse, they even do stuff to you and then want to charge you to change it.

For instance, my internet service... I pay for this service and they give me a modem to connect my computer to. I want to connect TWO computers to my service, so I buy a wireless router. My router works for about ten seconds and then will not connect to the internet.

I call Comcast support and I am told they have to "provision" my router... for a fee, of course! What happened here is that Comcast BLOCKED MY ROUTER and now wants to charge me to upblock it. They want about eighty bucks (a one time fee) to unblock something they should not have blocked in the first place.

How many computers I want to connect to my service is none of Comcast's goddam business. I pay for their service to my house and what I do with it is my business. They have no right to block my router's address and then charge me to unblock it and call it a "provision" to try to bamboozle me (and everyone else) into giving them what amounts to a RANSOME fee...

I sure wish I knew more about how to file lawsuits. I want to pay their fee and then file a class action lawsuit against the bastards.


Tried to install 3 FREE boxes just to get my regular cable back. Did not work after 40 minutes with tech service on phone.

Why are more people not outraged by Comcast taking away basic service and making us use these boxes.

This is another Netfix type mistake. I guess it is time for the Dish.


Their Digital Cable boxes that they forced on us a year ago, only last about a year. Then you have the option of driving the dead box to the nearest Comcast location so they can give you a piece of *** "reconditioned" box that also doesn't work, or Pay a technician to come to your house to "test" the box.....




my cable bill went up 5.00 dollars 1 mo. before the two new boxes,which by the way i am not picking up.the only reason ive kept it so long was cnbc,which i recently have slowed watching since watching squak box turned to squak fox.


comcast is the most hated company on the planet, not just customers, but employees and contractors and customers. This company needs to be destroyed, I am not an advocate for misdeeds, but I waive that in the case of comcast.

If someone would destroy all of their physical places of Business I would rejoice! These folks need to go away!


we should all cancel subscription for a month or two. lets see how much they need these adaptors. we all need to come together and boycott


this freakn ***. we should band together and fight .


The total switch to Comcasts digital adapters were made yesterday ... picture quality is terrible ...

Comcast sent out a technician today ... they have set up an appointment w/us on the day before Easter to tear up my yard, mess up my house and make us move all of our electronics (my husband is an electronic addict) in order to replace all of the old cable because we are not receiving a clear picture on our TVs ... I am so mad I could chew nails ... I see no advantage to this "progress" in technology ...

if the signal is bad we lose the whole picture to broken up pixels instead of getting a snowy picture .,. we can no longer have access to TV with a battery powered TV ... you say, oh yes you can ... yes, I can have a portable TV during hurricane season ...

a rechargeable battery that lasts for an hr.

and a half and picks up one station! Tell me again the advantage of digital!


To record, you record channel 3,which is the output of the adapter. Another option is if you happen to be recording a local broadcaster, or limited basic channel, in most areas the limited basic channels are still in analog. So you can still record them by hooking the vcr directly to the cable line.


People should not be installing these adapters to HD tvs. They are SD, and if you have expanded basic cable, your tv hopefully will have a QAM tuner, and you can watch all of the expanded basic channels without the adapter in SD, and the local broadcasters in HD. If you're using these adapters on HD tvs, then you don't already have a regular HD cable box anyway, so you should be just fine with your tv's built in QAM tuner.


I have 3 HD LCD Digital TV's. Comcast just sent me 2 adapters if I want to continue watching channels on 2nd tier.

The signal on the adapters is sent at 480 and makes for a terrible picture on HD TV's.

I called Comcast and they want $8.95 a month for each TV to get the HD signal. I'm paying almost $75 a month now!!


:eek :( :x :sigh :p 8) ;) :) :roll :? :cry


It is pure ***. There is no need to "free up bandwidth".

Any *** can see it is to all but eliminate basic cable.

That way they can charge premium digital rates for almost ALL channels. Odd how this move comes after the Digital Switch, isn't it?


The outrage is that consumers have no power in our own government. Corporations that rip us off own the politicians and laws support their intersets.

They screw their customers and no one rises up against them, not our representatives in government and we consumers don't have the guts to just drop all their lousy services. We'd have more money and probably all be better off if we did and went back to the olden ways, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #83362

Here is the kicker. Mine is still pluged into the wall and I still receive service. Try it and see what happens


This monopoly stranglehold should be outlawed throughout the country. Comcast is the closest thing to organized crime in most communities that provide exclusive rights.

Assonet, Massachusetts, United States #69868

This is just the nature of the beast... technology advances whether you want to accept it or not.

Comcast is using the adapters because they're moving the majority of the channels from their basic cable line up to a digital in order to free up bandwidth on their network. The freed bandwidth will all them to offer more HD options, increased video on demand options, and faster internet. I got the boxes last month and they've worked fine, but, just like anything else, technology moves forward. It's the same reason why you can't buy laser discs, vcr's, and cassette tapes anymore.

Besides, look at any other provider, Directv, Dish Network, Verizon Fios...

all of those service providers REQUIRE a box to get any channels and they charge $5+ per receiver. At least with Comcast if you don't want the adapters you can still at least get the local channels.

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