So the 1st issue I had was when I 1st started service. There was an issue with how THEY set up the wiring in my unit, so they had to send someone to fix it. Charged me $50 to fix their screwup, even though the lady told me I wouldnt be charged. Called them 5 or 6 times about it, and all they gave was a $20 credit.

Most recently, I called about my plan pricing increasing. He took initiative and did research. He then came back and told me that I was reverted back to the old price. 2 weeks later, and there's still no change. I called again and told them what the guy told me, and she told me nothing was done and nothing could be done. That I should be grateful that I'm not paying the full price. What I'm paying right now is not WHAT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TOLD ME I'D BE PAYING.

Last time I checked, when a company rep tells you something, the company has to hold to what that rep said, even if it's incorrect. That's called Customer Service. Considering this has happened to me TWICE, I'd say this company massively lacks in this department.

You can never believe what they tell you, because when you call again, you're told something completely different.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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