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I would NEVER recommend COMCAST to anyone. This is the absolute WORST COMPANY ever.

When I initially set my account up, I spoke with a representative and they lied about when they would come hook my cable up so I was without cable for almost 2 weeks. The customer service representative lied about the cost of my cable bill as well. After 40 days of having service with them, my bill was right at $645.00. I called in over 10 times and asked why my bill was so expensive and I was informed that I was billed twice the first month but they couldn't explain the additional fees.

Come to find out after doing research, they charged me an installation fee, which I was quoted FREE from the initial conversation. To top the cake of the horrible customer service, I just got my cable line buried yesterday (March 8th, 2016). I have had service with this horrible company since DECEMBER 20, 2015. The 1st appointment was supposed to have been towards the end of the year last year (which they missed).

They lied over 7 times about appointments that they would come bury this big orange ugly wire that stretched from one end of my house, across my driveway, to the other side of the house...Then they didn't call to apologize about not coming or try to reschedule. I had to call them and complain... then the last time, they routed me to a supervisor in Mexico. I even went to the local store in Little Rock, Arkansas and they said someone would be there on a specific date (March 2, 2016) and they never showed up.

I had to contact corporate office (which is the only reason my cable got buried yesterday) and she stated that they would compensate me $20 for all the missed appointments or either give me premium channels free for a month. The entire time, I have received complaints from my home owners association and all I got was $20. This company is the reason many consumers don't trust cable companies, they don't care about their customers, VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL, liars, etc. I wouldn't recommend them if they were the last company offering cable on Earth.

You would be better off looking at the walls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Cons: No professionalism and poor customer service.

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I agree with you totally. I let them run a cable across my front yard so my neighbor could get their cable.

Should have gone with my first instinct and told them no.

Bad experience. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company