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I got caught with the Comcast bait & switch during their Bundled Service special last summer: order the $99/month service and receive a FREE Netbook. I switched my Verizon service to Comcast in Aug 2009 with lure of free Netbook.

Comcast claims they didn't receive my signed contract, but they're billing me the $134/month. Attempted working it out w/ several reps, mailed in the contract twice - still no Netbook. Spoke w/ rep today (Jan 2010) and I don't "qualify" because they didn't get the paperwork. Asked for waiver of $150 early termination fee - they're happy to disconnect me but not a guarantee it will be waived.

So - I'm a slave to their contract for 18 more months and they get my free advertising of my poor experience. I'd look at your other cable/internet choices!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I am exactly in the same situation. I subscribed in August 2009.

And whenever I called I would get a very different response. Sometime I am not eligible, then they said they have processed their part and I should get it in next 60-90 days (by the way this pphone call was in December 2009). I waited till April, but no lucl.

Contacted again,same useless answers.

Today I aent an email to Sherri and now I am going to report it to BBB as well.


It took about 7 months, but I did get it, and I only got somewhere when I started to e-mail

so I recomend that to anyone who is waiting for the netbook. tell them your name, account number, and that it's been forever lol!!!

Cowen, West Virginia, United States #137256

i am in the same boat. when i called today since i was told that they were shipping out the netbook back in Dec 2009, the rep said that the sales person forgot to enter the promo code when i got the triple play bundle deal.

i told them it's not my fauth and the rep said i'll get $100 giftcard.

this is cheaper than the netbook which i want so i will contact them to eitehr send me the netbook or give me $200 giftcard. Comcast has really poor customer service, i was transfereed around 4x before someone could actually help me.


Hello All,

I was in the same situation as you. I signed up in Aug 2009 for the triple play with the free Netbook after ninety days.

After I waited about 16 weeks I called to see what was going on several time and each time I was given the run around, promised to be called back with an answer with no luck and still no Netbook but cable with a I was doing my part of the deal and was getting hot with angry by the day that Comcast was not doing their part. SO I had been looking online and saw that a couple of people suggested filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so at the end March 2010 I did so. At that point it was like week 29 which is well pass the time Comcast promised I had also called Comcast to find out what was going on and the Check Myrebate number to see if they had any information which they advised Comcast had not forwarded or my eligibity forms. At week 31 I called Comcast to just cancel...for me it was princple....Yeah I could have brought my own Netbook but I committed to them for two years so I was going to get what they promised or I would never do buisness with them again.

I believe when I called back April 1 I got a different response....Of course they blamed it on the wrong contract so I fill it out again but my Netbook has finally been mailed out....I received a letter from Comcast saying it is on the way with a tracking number so I suggest everyone make a report with the BBB online. It helped me!


:( :(

I have been getting the runaround from Comcast, and they offered me nothing in the end.

Selden, New York, United States #132996

UPDATE: Well after several hours on the phone in February, it appears that they put the right "code" on my record on February 16th. The problem though is I got service in August of 2009 and that should have started my 90 days.

Now I have to wait until at least May or June. If is not in my hot little hands by the middle of June, I'm feeling a class action lawsuit.


I too was promised a netbook when i signed for the triple play in august. No luck on the netbook.

I have been waiting for months and just today comcast told me: the agreement has already been cancelled, after the attempts that we have tried to reach you.

They claim my email address was invalid, which I doubt since they send me my bill every month so they mailed the agreement. Never received it either.

Baalbek, Baalbek-Hermel, Lebanon #130559

Update to my previous post... thanks to Sherri and Detreon @ Comcast I got my netbook last week!

I recommend that you communicate the facts to them, and be respectful but persistent. Good luck.

Selden, New York, United States #124799

Well I since November I have been trying to get to the bottom of my notebook issue with Comcast. Today I found out they finally put the "right code" in my record so I could contact the rebate center.

Contact the rebate center and they say they have no record, and could be 6-8 weeks before they even have the record let alone the 2-4 weeks to get shipped after that.

Absolutely insain that they do business this way, and very dissapointing.


I never got mine either, but I contacted Sherri at Comcast and she got the ball rolling for me. It took about a month, but I am looking at my netbook right now. Go to Comcast's Twitter page or email


I am having the same problem. No netbook.

Got the deal in August. Now they are saying I didn't pay a bill on time!

They never sent it to me on time. It's just the fact that it was offered by them.

Baalbek, Baalbek-Hermel, Lebanon #120349

Got an ad that read "Sign up for the Comcast Super-Charged HD Triple Play and get: An Internet speed upgrade + A FREE Dell Netbook"

Ordered Triple Play on 8/21/09.

Comcast came out and installed on 8/31.

Apparently I didn't return some agreement in time - they show 10/5/09 and it was supposed to be within 30 days of installation. I found an email from Comcast "We have received your electronic confirmation of the terms and conditions for the package you have requested." dated 10/3/09.

I guess I'm screwed.


Well since I posted on here, I got an email from Sherri at Comcast. After waiting months for my Dell Netbook, I finally got a tracking number and it's being sent out next Monday. We shall see if it actually comes in the mail, I hopefull this time.


About two days after posting my unhappy account of my experience (see below) I got a call from a Comcast customer service person who assured me, "We are going to fix this, we are going to get you your Netbook computer." And sure enough, it arrived about a week later. I wish I could say it happened as a result of the more than one dozen calls I made to Comcast about this over several months.

But unfortunately, I can't say that. What I can say is that after I made a post on my blog about this and copied it into online complaints I filed with the BBB, FCC, FTC, my local cable authority and several online complaint forums, the company called, apologized, and delivered the Dell Netbook computer I was promised when I signed up. So perhaps, on reflection, it might not be fair to call this a "scam" as I did in my original post -- since I can now confirm receipt of the computer.

Maybe it was just a very badly mismanaged promotion. Your mileage may vary.


To cancel COMCAST for someone who was losing her sight, I called COMCAST to cease charging the bank account and disconnect the service.

When starting COMCAST, service begins almost immediately, but stopping takes months. Meanwhile, COMCAST continues charging the bank and even places additional charges if the bank is told to reverse the charges. :(


After being told several times we would be receiving our netbook I was told that we were not put in the correct plan and would not be getting a netbook. I reported Comcast to the BBB and within two days my husband received a call from comcast saying we would have our netbook within three weeks. I got the tracking info email yesterday :)


Same "bait and switch" deal here, too. The Triple Play Comcast bundled service advertised price wasn't the real price and they are sending me on a wild goose chase each time I call about the computer I was promised.

I just wanted it to surf the net -- and have been waiting for months. Last time I called they said they did not have my address or telephone number or email! But they send me the bill every month!

I never imagined this would be a scam -- I just thought they would send it in the mail. Please let us know here what you find out -- I can't believe they scammed us all?!.


Exact same story here: the comcast triple play dell notebook computer promise is a SCAM -- just pure corporate fraud. The runaround I got when I called them (13 times!) was beyond belief.

They just lied and lied and lied (we will call you back, we will send you a form, we will be back in touch, etc. -- then nothing).

Six months of calls about this to them -- all bills paid -- and they just refuse to honor their promise. Comcast has committed a consumer fraud on me and my family.


Concord, CA here. I signed up for the triple play/netbook offer in August 2009.

Going on 7 months now, and still no netbook. Comcast bites!


same here... SF Bay Area....

signed up in July 2009.... still no netbook after numerous calls to comcast

can we file a class action lawsuit??

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