Dad died 3 years ago. Mom did not change service to her name.

She just died. Comcast wants the death certificate for Dad... wont terminate service without it. called 14 times, got through the call routing just to have the calls abruptly end.

wonder if I was adding service if the call would actually route to a live person!

by the way, the social security service, Verizon, IRS and other businesses did not need a death certificate of either Mom or Dad. There is no state law, just a ploy to continue to bill for a service that has not been terminated!

Monetary Loss: $100.

Store Location: New Kensington, Pennsylvania

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How do you turn off Comcast service due to the death of the customer?????


we’re not talking about a bank account. It’s internet and tv.

Yes it’s a ridiculous request!!! Death certificate has social security numbers and personal information how person dies.

Obviously, you haven’t experienced that... one day you’ll


There's a reason a death certificate exists, to prove someone is dead. This is obviously used to prevent someone from, as "why not" stated, cancelling services/changing services for someone else.

I'm sorry someone in your family has died but you're being ridiculous if you think that this is an unacceptable practice by Comcast.

This is usually done to protect the customer and their account. If I ran a company that provided a monthly/weekly/whateverly service I'd do the same thing, no matter the inconvenience.


***. They only verify phone#, name, address, and last 4 digits of your SSS# to change any kind of service. If you ran a company, you'd be out of business in no time.


We just went through the customer service 90 minute nightmare, in regard to cancelling my mother-in-law's Camcast service. The phone people required the death certificate....blah blah blah.

Searching around the internet and found that email address. We also have Comcast and the same last name. I used our Comcast email address and sent the request to cancel. Next day a NICE person called, cancelled the account and told us where to drop off equipment.

I can now see why they make people jump through hoops to verify, seeing all those scammers out there. Satisfied here


This person must work for them or in customer service someplace else. The account number ,ssi#, or previous payment amount should be enough. But who are we and since when does the customers ever really matter


I had a similar experience when my sister died. All I did was have a women call Comcast phone support with the proper information, and have myself put on the account as soemone who ca make changes.

I waited a few days, called them to make sure I was on the account, then went to the service center with the equipment and turned it in and canceled the service. When they asked why, I responded that she could no longer afford it.


Maybe a bit unethical. But really? A death certificate?

The family was fuming over this. It only took me a few days to solve it.


I had to supply my dads desth vertificate for every account for anything i csncelled in my fathers name...electric, dish network, car insurance...u name it. It required a death certificate.

Anyone can call somewhere and clsim the account holder is deceased ...people do it out of spite...or even out of bills, because some companies will let the latest bill be forgiven in the event of death, some will even erase all owed debt.

Heck recently refinanced my home and i had to supply my fathers death certificate as proof that inherited and sold his house 9 years ago. The wanyed to know why i had a house to sell with no record of buying one.


I am no fan of Comcast but this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard... they are so suspicious of everything... they need to become their own customers for a while and maybe they will get a clue...


If you stop paying, they will terminate soon enough, and you will not need to pay the bill. All of this stuff should be in writing, not phone calls.


I agree with you pulltype you are not responsible for the bill so if they are that dumb just let them loose their own money.