Millions of customers experience constantly rising cable rates. How can customers stop Comcast from constantly taking more money out of your wallet?Hit them where it hurts.

In their wallet.What would happen if millions of Comcast customers protested this parasitical corporation by dropping the service ...I am suggesting that people get organized and start planning. Talk to your friends and lets get this going. If we can get even 10 percent of the customer base to quit on one "National Quit Comcast Day", heads will roll at comcast. Stop complaining and start doing.

This site can be used (along with other sites) to get this movement going.Comcast DOES NOT CARE about individual complaints. It is a corporation that only concerns itself with the bottom line profits.

Reduce their profits and they will act quickly to try and do whatever it takes to get that money back.Time for customers to WAKE UP! Pass the word to your friends.

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