We called the 800 number beginning around 12:00. We recently purchased 2 new phones.

One of those phones was an add on line. That phone 610-256-8831 service was to be converted from Verizon to Xfinity mobile because of an offer. The transfer never occurred; however the phone is still operating . The call today was a follow-up from a Thursday call.

My wife also purchased an Iphone 11 pro max. She was not yet prepared to activate that mobile phone.

The end result is that the customer service representative who handled the transaction activated the sim card for the iphone 11 pro max (484-459-5131). That was not the request. The old mobile phone on that number (484-459-5131) an Iphone 8+ no longer works.

When the 8+ is used to try to make a telephone call, Verizon comes on and says there is a connection problem.

We requested a call back that was received at least an hour and a half later. That customer service rep was unable to deal with the problem and transferred the call to a more advanced technician. We were on hold for almost 2 hours and terminated the call just before 6:00PM. The issue has still not been resolved.

Our home telephone number is 610-566-1191.

We have 2 Comcast accounts and have all three services on both accounts. We spend a lot of money with Comcast and are not happy with the customer service today.

Location: Norwood, Pennsylvania

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