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Every *** night, at about 1 - 3 am, when I am trying to watch a movie from Netflix, which I pay for,

using my Sony DVD blu-ray player that has built in streaming,

the wired internet connection for it is disabled in my router.

I have to reboot my router, reboot my DVD player, and maybe reboot the wired hub that feeds it.

My main Comcast modem and computer do not get an interruption of service, just my streaming DVD player.

I've tried 3 - 4 solutions from the web, but Comcast is apparently dinging my router, to stop streaming devices every night. I have to look at its log.

Also- these people are crazy fascists- they insist on getting my SSN, my drivers license, etc. when I talk to them. When I move, they won't take back their equipment until I tell them where I am moving to.

This monopoly has to be stopped.

And they keep increasing the bill I pay month by month, even though I do not exceed the limits. Every year or so I have to beat them back by threatening to go to satellite providers.

Also- I use bit torrent to transfer open source files, and I keep getting digital millenium copyright notices from Comcast for a file that I cannot locate on my computer, because it's not there. And the notices often do not even have a filename in them, its "null".

They are just nuts.

Thank God they won't acquire that other big cable company Time Warner this week.

Comcast is just yuppie *** when it comes to dealing with their customers. The technicians also ask to see my National ID (drivers license) when they come out.

What about "Show us your papers" does Comcast not get ? Don't they show a lot of WW-2 Nazi movies ?

Reason of review: They are scum. All of the above..

Preferred solution: Burn them to the ground, and get real competition in the cable internet industry..

I didn't like: Their attitude.

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Been waiting all afternoon for this install 5 hours plus and now getting musical phone number swap each time I request service . Don't promiss what you can't deliver .

I guess you don't need new costumers.

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