Knoxville, Tennessee

Every day since my cable was installed it constantly goes out. I call Comcast/IXFINITY and end up talking to reps.

in the Phillipines...How can they help someone with a cable prob. in Knoxville, TN? They can't and Don't...a *** male tech came out and 10 min. after he left my cable was on the blitz again.

If they didn't have a monoply in Knoxville I'd go with Any other cable co.

I AM Over Comcast/Xfinity! The reps in "Asia" bleep a signal every time I call which only it makes it worse

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There is a problem with THEIR lines infront of my house and my cable drops all the time. I have called them off and on for months.

As of now there is a "service request" for me. However, the CS people can't check the schedule and there is no local number to call. So basically when I call to ask them about the status of the repair.... can't tell me anything about it, and there is no way for them to check it.

I am pretty much waiting for them to take time out of their precious *** day to come fix my stuff. Meanwhile my into rate expired so they started charging me double for *** that does not even work. Maybe I should go to another cable company... Oh wait they have a monopoly in my area...

a clear one. One company is in one part of town, while comcast is in my part of town with NO overlap. So unless I want satellite internet...

i have to stay with comcast. PLEASE someone tell me how this *** is legal.


Comcast *** sucks.


Still better than talking to dumb-*** americans on the phone, they may speak english but they are still god-*** ***!!!!!!!


Did you ever hear of Direct TV?

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