In October my cable was off and they billed for that month, Nov., 1 I went to pay my bill which is $ 139 and change. The office on 18601 NW 2 Ave., a young man who work there was helping me at the machine when he put my card in it took $647.42 off my card big difference from $139 and change to $647.42.

Miss DeJean manager of the office told me she will be able to take care of the problem, now for December they sent me a bill for $250.22, I have the basic cable plan with 200 channels HBO was not part of that plan but they added and I don't want or need anything else added to my plan. They gave me numbers to call and COMCAST WORKERS needs to understand without the many clients there would be no Comcast. The person who picked up my equipment in October didn't return the equipment on time so I got charged. I know if my bill was not paid on time they would cut the services, the problem is they will not return the $647.42 to my card or refund the payment by writing a check.

There should be changes in Comcast not only for those using the equipment, but for those working in Comcast.

When they want feedback I can't and will not give feedback. My name is Dessie Hart and my number is 786-315-1065 I don't owe this company that kind of money.

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Thanks for your phone number...this is how fraud to you could occur if i were thst type of person....now i could csll comcasr say i am you and charge all kinds of things to your account. Especially since i have your name also. Never post this information online and do yourself a favor...change your phone number ...and make sure you change the phone number on all accounts with this number because you just opened yourself up to all kinds of fraud agsinst you

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #761955

I am seriously thinking of getting an attorney, they have been lieing to me and have been ripping my disabled sick mother off on her bills, when they come to fix things that i called for they promised that there were no charges for these services because it was their fault that things were messing up, every single time they came to her apartment they charged her, she is german and does have a hard time understanding some things, and she says they hang up on her when she calls, so i live in another state and have been calling for her and sure enough they have been ripping her off!!! how many more elderly people are they doing this to?

I am so angry with this company! her phone was messed up last night and the man said he had to get an emergency tech to go to her apt, because they did not have anyone, my mom is alone, disabled sick, and comcast says they are available 24/7 7 days a week? he said he found someone who was going to get there today. when i called billing company today the lady says oh i see your mother has a schedule for dec 24th for tech to come out.

i guess the man on phone last night just wanted to appease me and get me off of the phone?

my mom is on oxygen and her nurse happens to be on vacation for holidays i cannot be there and so she really really needs her phone if something happens to her she is very sick. comcast i am not playing around with you people!!!!!!

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #750671

I can't wait for my semester to be over and I will drop comcast like a hot potatoes.

They don't care anything about their residential clients. I called customer service when I noticed an increase in my bill.

Instead of trying to help me find a new deal, the gentleman asked "so when would you like your service discontinued". Unhappy with his service or lack of it, I made a complaint through their e-care site and a month later, I'm still unsure when they will actually call me and resolve this issue.

While I don't like making unnecessary changes in my services, I refuse to support a company who has no regards for their clients.

They have lost a loyal customer and I will go out of my way and report this issue to make others aware of comcast's poor service. Do not support companies like comcast who have no regard for you or for your hard earned dollars.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #750401

You should never put your real phone number or name on these complaint boards.

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