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I was sitting waiting for my favorite program to start, and all of a sudden my cable and internet went out. I called Comcast, only to get a recording that said it would be out until 9:00am, the next morning.

Too bad i had just paid my $ 180.00 bill. They don't hesitate to disconnect your service for non-payment, but they can take their time when it comes time to restore service. I hate them, and unfortunatly, tv doesn't work without it.

We need another cable company, COMCAST SUCKS! I want compensation for the hours of service that i did not get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Hello Anon, guess what? more great news!

I called ComCast a second time, to downgrade my service, after i left the library(ckecked out a book of witty responses). I used my new-found witt on the customer service lady, and she placed my account under a promotional plan, where i get to keep all of my services at $62.00 discount, for 1 year. Let me take the honor of doing the math: $180.00-$118=$62.00 for 12mos.

that's um, let me see, a grand total of $744.00 i'll save on cable, just from a phone call. THANK YOU,MY FRIEND :grin :grin


I don't need a library card, i have a collection of books, and you can talk your *** off, but i have recieved a 2 day credit for my inconvienence, thank you very much!:)I spend more time reading, than you spend breathing. My problem is solved.

Thank you,Anon, for the suggestion, i don't play about my money.Guy Number 3, now that you don't have anyone to play with, would you like to borrow a book? LYMFAO


Every dollar counts, it's my 2.50. I bet they'd cut you off for 2.50.

Like I said, my bill was paid in full, on time, if you like being screwed, fine, never cared for it, personally.

Imagine if that were 2.50 per person,the cable was out, in the entire area, that equals rip off. Please find something else to do, you mean nothing to me


So far, following your own ramblings, you paid late, paid in cash, and are upset you missed 12 hours of TV. And you still can't come up with a witty response that makes an ounce of sense. And as far as how I pay my cable bill, I do it the simplest way possible, automatic billing.

I do hope they reimburse you for that 12 hours, let's see 150 bucks for internet and TV divided by 30 days is 5 bucks a day, then take half of that for 12 hours, and you should be receiving $2.50

My recommendation is you take the $2.50 and use it to pay the late fee on your library card, that way you'll have something to do when the TV doesn't work, and you might even find a book on witty responses in the humor section


Anon, if my cable would have been out for 5 days, i would have climbed up the cable pole. Even though i have a dvd collection of over 300, i love my cable. You must have the patience of Job, i want to be like you when i grow up


Anon,this happened Saturday night, so first thing Monday morning, i will call and ask for an adjustment. I know, 12 hours really isn't a long time, but i work at night and i'm an avid crime documentary freak, i only get to catch up on my favorites(Deadly women, Who the Bleep Did I Marry?)when i'm off, that is, the new episodes.

I was just so outdone, i thought my service would be up, within the hour, and like i stated before, i just paid a hefty bill and i pay every month like clockwork, and when you pay for something, in this day and age, you want what you paid for. If i only watched cable for 12hrs. would comcast accept 12hrs. worth of payment?

LOL! Thanks for making me laugh about it!


Only 12 hours? My services were out in Jan.

for 5 days!

Have you tried asking for a bill adjustment? I asked for a 5 day credit on my bill and they gave me a bill credit worth 9 days and an apology with no questions asked.


Tim Thomas, i don't know who you're talking to, or what you're talking about. My point stands, i paid for service that i didn't get!

Is your back door open, too! know a guy named Bubba, who will help you close it. How's your wife? Apparently any response will work for you, maybe you'd better not ask for vaseline, when the cable company comes to ***, who knows, maybe that's how you pay your bill.

Silly me, i took the old fashioned route, I paid CASH!

When i pay for a month, i want a month of service, not a month- 12hours. It's my issue and my complaint, if they gave you the grease before poking you, that's great, and please don't comment again, dickwads make my head hurt


"They don't hesitate to disconnect your service for non-payment, but they can take their time when it comes time to restore service"

Kinda shows they disconnected you before for not paying your bill.

And, witty responses only work if you weren't raging in the first sentence.


I pay my bill the minute i get it, i don't need ***(highly offensive)and *** If you like paying for service that you don't get, seems like your back door is wide open. Tell your mom amd sister hello


Maybe pay your bill on time and next time you will catch that showing of Backdoor B***es 7, or if they're running #6 you can go online to fap

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