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My bill with Comcast for internet service was the same for many years: 43.66.

Suddenly on their October 4 bill Comcast charged me 72.00 for as they say "Self Install Kit" which I never needed or received and they started to charge me $7.00 for "modem lease fee". I never agreed to any lease fee and I have my modem for many years from the company which was before Comcast took over.

I canceled my services with Comcast after that. They turned off my internet service on November 9.

I don't give my business to corporations who STEAL money from their customers. And Comcast was STEALING from me via automating payments using my Discovery card.

Services for Comcast September 3, 2012 and for many years before that were charged on my Discover card for $43.66 monthly.

Services for Comcast October 4, 2012:

Charged: $72.00

Overcharged: $72-$43.66=$28.45

Services for Comcast November 3, 2012:

Charged: $55.65

I canceled my service on November 9 and they charged me for 6 days $55.65? My monthly bill is $43.66:30days=$1.455 per day and for 6 days it will be $8.73. So for November they needed to charge me $8.73. They owe me for November : 55.65-8.43=$46.92.

Credit was given by Comcast $ $22.83 (which was never received).

Comcast owes me for October 2012 $28.45 and for November 2012 $46.92 in total: $75.37

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Yes, I been talking to Comcast a lot and writing to them, but they would not refund my money...they only saying, that their prices went up


sounds like a data entry error...before this "charge" appeared, did you contact Comcast to make any changes to your service?

The account databases are pretty difficult to read and most of the reps barely know how to type so it could have been a mistake where they clicked the wrong thing and you got a charge. It happens...I used to work for Comcast...they aren't trying to scam you -- you just got a rep that wasn't too bright.


I did complain to to my state board of Public utilities, but they wrote to me "The Public Utility Commission has no authority over complaints against Internet Service Providers, Wireless Phones, and Cable/Dish TV Services".

We, 99% have no place to go. Corporations take as much our hard earned money as they desire. :cry


Complain thru your state board of public utilities. I did and got a $100 credit which was way over the amount they owed me.

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