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The fall of 2013 I ordered Comcast cable and internet. The wrong boxes were installed.

I took a day off work (day 1) to wait for someone to come out to install the right boxes. The tech shows up with no equipment so I call Comcast and they tell me those boxes are on backorder and 6 months later I still don't have the service that I ordered. April 2014 I move to a new home and conxidering all the issues I had with Comcast never giving me the tv service I ordered I switched to Directv and decided to keep Comcast for internet only. I schedule my services to be disconnected at my old house on April 4 and have a tech coming on the 5th to install my internet.

The tech comes out on the 5th so I take the day off work (Day 2). He gets there and ways he can't connect the internet and calls a supervisor. He tells me a supervisor will be at my house in 90 minutes and he's going to lunch and will be back. Three hours later, no tech and no supervisor.

I call to find out what's going on and Comcast says they will submit a complaint ticket and I will receive a call within 48 hours. Nobody ever called me and after a few days I called back to find out someone was coming on 4/17 to run a new line. I would have never known this if I hadn't called myself. Now I have to schedule for a tech to come and install my internet AGAIN!

I make the appointment for them to come out on 4/25. The tech shows up and calls me from my house (I had my son come over to let him in...Day 3) to ask where the main box was for the tv's and phone. I told him I cancelled tv and never had phone service and just needed the internet installed. 10 minutes later my son calls and tells me the tech left without doing ANYTHING!!

I immediately get on the phone with Comcast to find out what's going on. After being transferred three times I get connected with a woman that "promises" me this will be taken care of "tomorrow" 4/26 between 1-5. During this conversation I had to repeat AGAIN that I was only having internet installed and not tv and phone. At 3:30 on the 26th I call to make sure my promised appointment was still on and the person I spoke to had no record of an appointment being scheduled for my tv, internet and phone.

I tell her I want someone at my house today to install something I should have had done a month ago. She tells me there's nothing she can do and will have a supervisor call me. I get transferred two more times and now two days later, still no calls from Comcast and no idea when I will have internet in my home. During two of my very upset calls I asked to speak to a supervisor and the associate both times told me there is nothing they will do for you that I haven't already done.

So a month later after approximately two hours of on holds and phone calls and 8-10 hours of waiting at the house for absolutely nothing to happen and people leaving without doing or saying ANYTHING and never coming back and nobody returning my calls, I have NOTHING to show for it but numerous headaches and a $100 Sprint bill because I had to order hotspot service in order to get internet. This is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had.

Comcast employees have no idea what they're talking about. They obviously don't put notes in their system and after multiple transfers on the phone nobody still has a clue.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #817448

Wow I feel your frustration. My issues were different but the treatment you describe EXACTLY my experience.

Folks avoid Comcast they will not keep their promises and you will be frustrated.

Cox cable customers beware as Comcast is in the process of acquiring Cox and believe me Comcast is completely inept. I am sure it will not take them long to bring Cox down to their very low standards.

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