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I want to rate -1000. They are idiots, rude, all screwed up and virtually crazy.

I was scheduling a move transfer for 7/28/14 and got disconnected. Waited and no one called me back or sent me email. I called again and was told I was scheduled for 7/30/14 and it was without my consent or knowledge. I was told I had to cancel the transfer, but then they would not do it saying "I will get fired if I cancel your service." I said I did not want to cancel my service, but cancel the TRANSFER date so I could reschedule it.

They would not do it. I called and called again and then I got email from Comcast/Xfinity saying I was scheduled for 8/4/14 and they added exorbitant install and tech visit fees amounting to over 304.00 bucks! I called again and negotiated a better deal by buying 3 additional security sensors. Then I got an email saying I was scheduled for transfer on 8/5/14!

I called again and was transferred all over the world (literally) and then was told I had NO TRANSFER SCHEDULED at all and all they had was 8/5/14. I was literally sick and crying at this point because I'd scheduled movers, utilities, mail forwarding, cleaning service all around *** Comcast's agreed upon initial transfer date of 7/28/14. I called yet again and got a manager and she couldn't do anything. She transferred me to "tech department escalation" and finally someone "promised" me that they would do transfer of ALL 4 of my bundles on 7/28/14 between 1 pm and 3 pm.

He promised me I would get a confirmation email. It's now 5+ hours later and still no confirmation and nothing indicated in my online account. I am going to have to pay to change all of my plans for move date of 7/28/14 because of Comcast. Does anyone out there want to help me to file a class action lawsuit?

This particular issue is only one of about 5+ issues I've had in the last year including initial install done wrong, sensor's falling off wall, internet speed not as promised/paid for, broken security router, bill going up over 100 bucks all of a sudden a few months back, keeping me handcuffed to security contract yet it doesn't work as promised and they say I have to pay 700 bucks to cancel my security, telling me my security contract was 24 months, then 36 months and much more. DO NOT USE COMCAST. BEWARE, seriously. They will ruin your live and cause you lots of illegal fees, do not honor quotes that are IN WRITING (i.e.

chat and email confirmations) and all they do is say "I apologize for the inconvenience but this is all I can do..." An absolute horrible nightmare.

I am praying to God that they actually show up at my new address on 7/28/14, but seriously doubt it and I am stuck and cannot get another provider. Comcast has a monopoly with the new place I am moving to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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go to the better business bureau and file a complaint

and in the complaint detail the resolution you would

like And comcast should get back to you withing the week

or less

i did this and got a call from comcast in abt3 days