Why, why, if my television is digital ready do I have to get a f@$!ing box from the cable company to access the channels that have been moved to digital? I pay enough to this *** company already and am tired of being nickle & dimed to death.

I know this is not a big deal at all to most of the people to use Comcast but I am sick & tired of them. Comcast is the ONLY cable option in our area and I wish they would go under. I would drop cable & go to internet based shows but my other internet option (DSL) takes FOREVER.

Anyway, I feel a little better now - thanks for letting me vent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Your digital ready TV is only ATSC digital ready. The reason it isn't compatible is because Comcast is not going to broadcast ATSC.

One reason that they are requiring boxes it to cut down on theft. Cable theft is a big problem and even more so now that the tolerances are tighter because of the HD and the internet services going through the cable plant. Usually cable thieves use inferior products and shoddy work causing ingress which affects paying customers.

The new small boxes don't have HD. I do think there should be an HD if the customer wants one.


For your information,the whole country moved from analog to digital,not just comcast,get a satellite dish then if you dont want the box,but dont blame comcast for the change,and the digital adapter boxes do not support hd,you guys are so misinformed,don't you read newspapers or watch the news?get dish or directv and when it rains or snows,kiss cable tv goodbye until the rain is over


I was forced to hook up the "digital" box, otherwise I'd loose my channels. Now my signal is worse than it was before with washed out analog pictures.

I have an HDTV. They removed the free HD channels I was able to get ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX, PBS, and GPB. These are aired by the networks in HD and there is no reason for Comcast to block these.

Called them up and they simply said too bad. NEVER GOING TO DO BUSINESS WITH COMCAST EVER AGAIN!!!


Amen!! I feel like I am being punished for having an HD tv!

I have a lot TV's so the pitiful 2 boxes they offered up don't begin to cover what I need so there is an added expense. And, because their *** boxes are standard definition my HD tv has been emasculated, thank you very much!

Poor moove on Comcast's part. I am leaving their service behind as soon as possible!

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