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When my next Comcast Bill came in the mail, it showed I am being charged a $10 \" Standard Shipping \" charge. I was told previously by one of the Comcast phone reps there would be No shipping charge.

Additionally I was charged another $10 charge for a \" Video Self Install Kit \" . I dont know what this \" Self Install Kit \" is supposed to consist of as the digital adapters come in a box with a plug in \" wall wart type \" power supply, the digital adapter box, a remote control with batteries, and a coaxial cable about 3ft long with the appropriate connectors on each end of it. This was all in one box per digital adapter.

I once again called Comcast, spent the time entering enough prompts so I could speak to someone which I finally did. I went through the entire scenario with this rep who looked it up on their account screen. I was then informed that my order for the digital adapter boxes had been \" Improperly Coded \" on my account and I was not supposed to be charged for shipping or any self install kit. This rep informed me that on the following months bill I would get a $20 Credit.

The next months bill has not arrived yet so I don\'t know if the credit has been applied or not. If not I will have to call again.

It would seem that Comcast can not even get the simplest of transactions completed without numerous errors. If I had not looked at my bill carefully those charges they added which are invalid, may have gone un-noticed !

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2012

A few weeks ago I got a post card in the mail informing me that after " upgrading " their system to all digital, all subscribers would have to have a Digital Adapter ( essentially a Modem ) for each of their TV's connected to Comcast. If the Digital Adapter box was not used the subscriber would get no signal to their TV from Comcast Cable. The Digital Adapter boxes would be supplied at No Cost.

I called the toll free number on the card to inquire further and the rep told me that since I have Basic Service I would not need one of these boxes. A couple of weeks later I was getting no TV from Comcast. I called their regular customer number and was told that without the Digital Adapter Box I would not get any TV. I told them about my call the week before and they apologised for the error. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me that every Comcast subscriber would need the Digital Adapter and that I could either pick them up at a nearby Comcast local office or have them sent to me by UPS. I was told by the supervisor that each subscriber was entitled to 2 Digital Adapters and there would be a $10 shipping charge.

Knowing how Comcast mis-informs subscribers, I called back a short while later and spoke to a different rep. This one told me that the previous information I had received was incorrect that each subscriber is entitled to up to and insluding 3 Digital Adapter boxes and there is No Charge for shipping !

A few days later I recieved the Digital Adapter boxes, connected the first one up ( not a difficult thing to do, if you can hook up your own VCR, DVR or DVD player you can do this yourself ). You have to call Comcast to have the Digital Adapter Box initialized with Comcast before you will get any TV signal.

Before Comcasts " Digital Upgrade " I was getting good quality pictures on my Phillips Digital TV. The picture quality I get now has poor definition and narrower bandwidth than what I was getting before this so called " Upgrade ". Also, channels I was getting before this " upgrade " aare not there any more.

I called Comcast to inquire about the degraded picture quality compared to what I was getting without any converters or cable boxes before their " Digital Upgrade " and also channels I was able to get before but not now.

The Comcast rep explained to me that if I wanted better picture quality I would have to have an HD Cable box at a cost of $11 per month.

It seems each time Comcast " Upgrades ", the quality goes down and the consumer cost goes Up ! I am not going to spend any more money with Comcast than I have to, I will try to wait patiently for Verizon Fios and see if they can offer anything better at a similar or lower cost.

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