San Francisco, California

How can you sell if your managers put every kind of impediment in front of you, and won't let you out in the field? I've been subjected to every kind of discrimination--gender, age, and religion.

4 weeks without a paycheck, because they "hire" you (independent contractor) but deny you the ability to work (background check, drug check, proper ID cards, your work clothes. On and on, one lie after another.

If you are a young man, and look a certain way, you can make money. Anybody else--they'll just f-k with you until you're flat broke and just give up.

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I just got hired by Deluxe Marketing Inc., and it seems like a pretty decent company. I like that it's people oriented and seems like a fun place to work.

I don't care if it's a sales job; I'm just grateful to be employed after months & months of searching. And this'll be a good experience for me as well, as I don't have much job experience...


I guess you do not need to be proficient with english


I worked for them & then went to Deluxe Marketing Inc to go thru a similar experiance. Now I know why people hate comcast.


This place isn't for most I worked there for all of five months and was "promoted" to General Manager. when I say "promoted" I mean they stuck me in the office to fill out everyone's work orders and call them to make sure they went through its a *** company trying to make money off of poor unsuspecting fools.

While I was working there my brother died.

I called in to let them know I wouldn't be able to come in one day and they were fine with it, but when I showed up the next day I was told by my REPLACEMENT that I was being let go. The turn over is so high in this company because of all the *** you have to do that you don't get paid for.


Door Sales are not for everyone and since I have been working with Momentivation about 15 ppl came and went without getting of of training for more than two weeks. All within five weeks.

Then we hired seven that are outselling me.

All are honest and really enjoy talking to people and saving them money and getting them better services. The flexible schedule works great for me because my wife has a very unflexible random schedule.


i have worked with comcast momentivation and found a better life spending life with my kids everyday. only work 3 to 4 a week and get paid over 200 dollars a day only five sales.

there marketing strategy works i learn everyday. the only people that talk about companies like momentivation are people that dont know about how to talk to customers save them money and create a genuine relationship with total starngers. There is no lie people fail but this person complaining about not making money its not for everyone but if you have a no quit attitude and think negative of course your not going to make money i have a vest comast hat and my sales supplies and awor binder from momentivation.

they make the company so simple and teach you tings you cant learn in class or at business conventions. For the people not making money you should evaluate your life find a hire power and learn about self development.