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The modem was fried and they said it will be fix with-in 24 hours (On phone) but nope it was fried and gone the computer/modem/Netgear router last year we had a big thunderstorm and it took the power out and every thing so Comcast came near my house to do something I ask one of the guys to check out the router they were like we can not do that we do not have a appointment with you so we can not see it sorry they said. And man I was pissed to the max they did not help one bit.

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Bellingham, Washington, United States #1001824

I just received a call from a Comcast representative. He told me that Comcast is offering a free 2 year no contract upgrade to my service.

I would be upgraded from a starter package to a premium package for $80 a month. That would include an internet speed upgrade to a little over 100Mbs. I said yes. He then transferred me to another person.

This next person told me that since Comcast is giving me all of this that I needed to give something to Comcast which involved me getting some kind of a spending card.

I told him I didn’t want another card and he told me to stop interrupting him. I then told him I considered this an unethical business practice and I hung up on him.

If I have to give something, IT IS NOT A FREE UPGRADE. This is classic bait and switch and is a slimy way to do business.

If another company offered cable speed over 25Mbs at my home I would switch immediately. Besides, my 50Mbs service slowly degrades to 15Mbs.

Today I’m running at 35Mbs. If I shut down my modem (it’s my second one) it sometimes speeds things up again.


You should be pissed to the max at the public school teachers who passed you through the system.

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