I know better, but after spending a long, long time on the phone with the Comcast rep who assured me to no end that the new Xfinity Gateway modem would increase speeds as well as provide better wifi and phone, I finally did it. It's ok, I will probably save money on the local Fairpoint telephone service.

But the box came with no battery (must order for $35 extra or risk no 911 service, ok as I have cell phone) and there's no increase in bandwidth speed, in fact it is slightly slower on the tests I ran this AM after replacing it.

Anyway, it's not a bad switch so I'm not angry, but would have to agree with several other posters that the company lacks integrity. There was nothing wrong with my modem or my wifi router, nothing "end of life" about it.

Not serious enough to be angry about. But shareholders in Fairpoint should probably be upset about these tactics.

Store Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Absolutely should be upset. It appears to me and others that Comcast cut my speeds back, then blamed it on my equipment?

Ya, wanted me to rent from them.

What a scam, my equipment was fine, finally admitted to having me on the Economy service! Just what I told them all along.


Get the Motorola SB6141 gigabit cable modem. It's a top of the line DOCSYS3.0 , and very fast - twice as fast download speed as the SB6121.

Better than the one they provide.

I have the Motorola SB6141, and a ASUS RT-N66U gigabit dual-band N900 router. They work excellent, and my connections and speed are great.


Ya, I had the recommended Mototrolas but didn't stop Comcast from calling them the End of Life! Yours will be also next year.


Checking the specs of the 6121 and 4141... the 2121 has a download speed of 172mbps.

That should be able to handle the 50mbps, and , marginally the new 150mbps speeds.

The 4141 at 343/131mbps should have no issue with the new 150mbps speeds.

What I'm finding is that Comcrust is throttleing my Youtube speeds was back.

As low as 992 mbps. Can't watch 4k and 720p pauses!

I've used VPN and get 3x the download speed on Youtube!


So if this is not serious enough,Just what is this post about?Why did you switch in the first place if nothing was wrong?


Because Comcrust told him too!

They want to sell there own equipment or rent it to you.

Then, they throttle your download speeds based on what your doing!