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Comcast's UTMOST respect for privacy and security.

I have been a Comcast customer since mid 1996 and predate a lot of their current services (luckily). I received a voicemail that I had infringed the copyrighted work of someone, so I called them back to figure out what was going on. The first two representatives hung up on me when I wasn't even being rude (hadn't gotten a chance to even, literally in the middle of the call they were just not there anymore). By the 5th call I finally reached someone who told me to check my Comcast email for details on the issue. I have never at any point set up a Comcast email, as that's something usually done at the creation of a new account, and like I said, I started my service prior to a lot of their additional services (email, digital cable, cable internet, etc etc). I told them this and they insisted I did have an email account with them. They refused to tell me the content of the email or the copyright violation as that's *personal information*, and kept directing me to check my Comcast email myself. Despite numerous attempts to explain I've never once had a Comcast email, they would not explain the copyright issue, so I asked them about the email account itself. Apparently without my permission or knowledge, they had opened an email address in my first and last name, as in (something I'd never do for privacy's sake). After some cajoling, they provided me with "my" password (the password THEY made up and being something so simple that I'd NEVER select as my password). Finally I logged into my comcast account and had to set up a security question for my 'new account' (at the risk of repeating myself, I NEVER had a comcast email account). I looked at my ONE email that arrived 3 hours prior, informing me that someone had downloaded 384kb of a 14 year old song from me and they demand that I delete the file. They had the song title, how it was downloaded, everything. I had downloaded an album I already own on vinyl via bittorrent (to have a digital copy for CDs/my phone/my own *** business) and it seeded (was available to other bittorrent users) for approximately 40 seconds after completion before I removed it from bittorrent, as I have no intention to share files, merely reproducing something I already own for my own use. Mind you, this violation wasn't for me downloading the album itself, this was for someone downloading mere kilobytes of a song off of me in the time it took me to go "Oh good, that album's done. Let me close bittorrent." tl;dr Comcast will invade your privacy down to the minute detail, but they wouldn't want you to "social engineer" your way into your own email account that they created for you without your permission. I hope no one was negatively affected monetarily by the 384kb of unlistenable raw data that was "pirated" off me. Imagine how much you do on the internet that Comcast is keeping tabs on. Think about that when you email your boyfriend a hot picture, or when you send your girlfriend a song you wrote, or when you send your doctor a picture of what that rash looks like today.
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I used to work there. It is scary what they can and will do.


So you illegally downloaded music from the internet, were caught and now you're mad were caught?

Emilee S

That is even more a reason for me to never go back to them. You would think they would do something to change their image, but apparently they just don't care. Sorry you had to go through this.

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