Berthoud, Colorado
Not resolved

Bait and switched the original service and promise. Told me it was cancelled after I complained.

Had it set up on directpay(big mistake). Didn't pay attention, my own idiocy and was charged for the next two years and then I got the run around trying to cancel...which eventually took me "three entire days on the phone". Now they're saying I owe them...they can go *** themselves. Worst company in the US!!!!!

Our gov't should do something about them to protect we the consumer! I emailed the collection company and told them they're wasting they're time trying to get me to pay Comcast more money when the reality is that Comcast owes me $85 x 24 months = $ $2,040

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If you want to save money on your Comcast bill call 877-824-2288 and ask to speak to the RETENTION Department. They will give you promotions and discounts that no other department can give you.

The promos generally last for 6 months so you have to callback every 6 months. It is worth the trouble because you can get discounts of 25-50%


Hahahaha. Glad you at least admitted the fact that you're a ***. So you didn't pay attention to your credit card/debit card statements for 2 full years?

You're a typical ***. Yeah that was wrong of Comcast to do, and I'm sure it was a mistake by someone on their part, not a plot to get you out of as much money as they possibly can! Believe it or not mistakes and errors CAN happen.

YOU are responsible for being a ***. YOU are responsible for not paying attention to YOUR money. YOU are responsible for paying the collection company, or YOUR credit will suffer.

You should probably worry about that before going to and making a fool of yourself. What are you a freshman in high school with your first bank account?

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