Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I've had an ongoing problem beginning Dec. 2010...talked to managers, supervisors, customer care reps.

I've been stood up w/ appointment, had my service need sent to the wrong departments, 2 or more times.

I've had to hold please, for a total of around 2/3 hours, cut off several times and had to call back, through all of it.

I might point out that I have payed my full bill on time during all this.

I have no desire to go over my problem with somebody new again...done this 3 or 4 times.

If you read the log on my account, when a tech. did come to my home, he decided the line that runs from the out-side of my home to your connection at the street, needs to be replaced. I was told this in Dec. last year.

I'm missing 11 channels I should get, and several others are fuzzy...I was told there is nothing wrong with the receiver and that you could complete the work w/o me even being home!

After 7 months of e-mails and phone calls they had a young customer care guy call and ask if I'm having a problem...please!

I'll be droping Comcast at the end of the month!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Management is not too busy to handle your complaint, they just don't want to. I worked for the company and we had so many problems getting supervisors to take supervisor calls.

We were told to handle the call and they can't do anything to help and to take ownership of the call. If you get a supervisor to take your call, you were a lucky one.


comcast service STINKS. as posted by many people here they give you the comcast runaround, attempting to be nice but not effectively doing anything.

there is one person at comcast who seems responsive and will agree that their behavior is poor.

his name is Jack Solenberg - he can be reached at 3020661-8167. my guess is that as soon as comcast finds out that they have someone who is effective, he'll be let go or put in a position that will not be able to help their customers.

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